Weaning: Moving onto thicker and lumpy foods 6 - 9months

Here’s what you need to know when weaning to help your little one move on to lumpier food

The lowdown on introducing thicker and lumpier foods

Encouraging your little one to try thicker and lumpier foods can be tough, these tips may help

Eating thicker food

As your baby begins to eat more at each meal, thicken up the food you are offering to a thicker mash. You can begin to leave some soft lumps in it so that your baby learns how to move lumps around.

Babies’ gums are quite hard and can squash soft lumps very well. It takes a while to learn to control lumps in the mouth so don’t be surprised if they come back out – this just means your baby needs more practice with lumps so keep offering them.   

Make lumpy food by mashing the food but stopping before it becomes a smooth mash. 

Offer sips of water from a cup with the meals as your baby will be more thirsty with thicker food. 

Coughing back lumps that need more chewing, or gagging, is a normal part of learning how to eat and manage lumpy food.   

Weaning: Moving onto thicker and lumpy foods 6 - 9months