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Ways to make your baby laugh out loud

Handy tricks to encourage your baby to laugh

How to make your baby laugh

Hearing your baby giggle and laugh is so precious, here are some ways to get your cutie giggling

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Although it may come later for some, most babies laugh out loud for the first time at around 3 to 4 months old. There’s nothing cuter than your little one giggling away in that cute baby way. So here are some easy tricks to get your baby chuckling, chorting and belly laughing from head to toe.

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Belly raspberries

An oldie but a goodie, if anything is going to get your baby rolling around laughing it’s a handful of belly raspberries.

Eskimo kisses

Babies love to look at you so while you’re holding your little one close, rub noses a few times sharing Eskimo kisses and your little one is likely to giggle away. 


Yep, give your lungs a workout and get singing to your baby, which is sure to get a few giggles. A particularly good one is ‘You are my sunshine’ sung over and over again.

Funny faces

Another old favourite, while face-to-face with your little one, pulling funny faces will have them rolling with laughter particularly as it’s mummy. 

Bring the pet in

Nothing entertains babies like a pet so let your baby watch your pet rolling around, jumping and panting away and they will be fascinated and certainly laughing.

Play peekaboo

Watching you hide your face then shout ‘peekaboo’ over and over will have little giggles filling the room.


Older children fascinate babies so have an older sibling or friend’s child come in and entertain your baby while they laugh heartily.

Start the ball rolling

Laughing is one of the most infectious things so start laughing yourself and watch your little one follow suit. 


100% guaranteed to get loads of giggles and laughs is getting the tickle monster out. Tickling up and down their little body will have them wailing for more. But wait until your baby is old enough to respond with a giggle when you lean over to give them a tickle and don't over do it. Showing signs of squirming and struggling to get away means it's time to stop.

Ways to make your baby laugh out loud