6 months and intro to texture

Textures and what the faces little ones pull might mean

6 months and intro to texture

Textures and what the faces little ones pull might mean


What do their faces mean?

Your little food critic isn’t shy in letting you know they don’t like something. While they might not have the words just yet, that face they are pulling says it all. This is what their faces says they think to that new flavour:


It’s bitter!

Bitter flavours are unpopular but only because they are unfamiliar, so expect a few disgusted looks. Stick with it they usually come around

It’s sweet

Sweet things are met with instant approval – likely because milk has a sweet taste. Expect this ‘give me more’ face.

Yes please

An open-mouthed face is a sure sign you kid is after the next mouthful

Maybe you

You've piqued their curiosity, but they are unsure about another mouthful. Try a little more to help them make up their mind.

No thanks!

Pulling away means ‘not a chance’, so it’s time to skip onto the next taste or texture. It could also mean that they’re just full up.

Balance with texture

TextureWeaning need not be overwhelming; once you have decided you and your baby are ready it’s about taking a balanced approach in regard to timings, perseverance and food types. Remember:

Variety is important:

Introducing a wide variety of vegetables, fruit and flavours at this early stage means your baby is more likely to develop a taste for them in later life.

Keep it simple:

Instead of pureeing vegetables and fruits until smooth in a blender, simply mash them with a fork to leave a chunkier texture.

Developing co-ordination:

While you prep meals why not give your baby a chunk of soft veg to gum on? This is a great way for them to practice co-ordination.

Get active:

Your little one will have more energy than ever so enjoying activities with them – like baby sensory play or swim classes – is a great way to keep them entertained.

Eating as a family

Mealtimes are social occasions too – start good habits by sitting together as a family to eat several times a week

Taste adventures with texture

There’s no one best food to introduce texture, buts these simple prepared foods, fruits and vegetables make great options:

  • Mashed sweet potato, mashed pulses and beans and mashed avocado

  • Porridge and cooked grains

  • Whole grain bread

  • Cooked chicken

  • Cubes of cheese


Piccolo range and recipes

Remember, you’re not going it alone. In fact, Piccolo’s infant nutrition specialist and nutritional chef, Alice Fotheringham, has put together loads of simple and tasty recipes online to help you whip up everything from first purees to finger foods, family dinners.

Also, for those non-stop days where life takes over, Piccolo pouches can come in super-handy. The wide range of wholesome recipes suitable for every stage of weaning.

6 months and intro to texture