Essentials to get ready for weaning

Top tips & essentials to get ready for weaning

Essentials to get ready for weaning

Top tips & essentials to get ready for weaning

Essentials weaning

One minute you’re in the delivery room and the next, before you know it, your little terror is reaching for your dinner plate. When did that happen? Making the switch to solid foods will be an adventure, albeit a pretty messy one. You’ve now got a little food critic on your hands who, when they love something, they’ll really love it; when they don’t, they’re probably going to fling it across the room. Just know this — perseverance is key. When they’re finally enjoying your healthy home-cooked grub, it feels just like getting Greg’s approval on Masterchef, we promise. So, as you start prepping for weaning, here are the things you’ll need to get set up.

A highchair

Baby is going to need to sit somewhere and your lap or on a grown-up chair isn’t going to cut it; they need to be safe and secure before they start chowing down. A highchair ensures they’re safely strapped in, sitting upright and ready for snacks / dinner / decorating your kitchen walls with purees.

Plates and cutlery

Metal forks and spoons could hurt your baby’s mouth. And your nice plates? They’re best saved for those dinner parties you’ll have……once you get round to it. Get them used to eating with durable ‘if it gets thrown across the room, it will not break’ cutlery and tableware of the bamboo, silicone and suction variety.

A messy mat to put under the highchair

There’s going to be mess, let’s not pretend there isn’t going to be. It’s not so much of an issue if you’ve got wooden floors and a mop close by but if not, trust us on this one a mat, it’ll be invaluable for painting, water play and any other messy baby activities.


Welcome to a whole new world of mess. You’ll need to step it up from the towelled bibs and muslins you’ve been using. With food no longer going from bottle-to-mouth, it has the potential to go absolutely everywhere. Opt for an easy-wipe latex or silicone bib with a pouch at the front to catch those wayward mouthfuls. A coverall bib (à la hairdresser’s smock) is also a good option for keeping your kid’s clothes food-free.

Piccolo range and recipes

Remember, you’re not going it alone. In fact, Piccolo’s infant nutrition specialist and nutritional chef, Alice Fotheringham, has put together loads of simple and tasty recipes online to help you whip up everything from first purees to finger foods, family dinners.

Also, for those non-stop days where life takes over, Piccolo pouches can come in super-handy. The wide range of wholesome recipes suitable for every stage of weaning.

Essentials to get ready for weaning