Ready for weaning and first tastes

Wondering if it’s time for weaning?

Ready for weaning and first tastes

Wondering if it’s time for weaning?

Ready for weaning

Around the 4-6-month mark, baby is going to start dropping hints that it’s time for trying some new things. Some signs are obvious, but other can be deceiving. Here are three clues it’s time:

Co-ordination Master

Grabbing at food and putting it in their month? Yep, that’s a ready for weaning sign.

Just grabbing? Hold the fort a little: they are not quite there yet.

Chewing Motions

Putting food in the mouth is one thing, but moving it around their mouth and swallowing, well that’s another skill in itself! Chewing motions will develop naturally, just keep looking out for them.

Sitting Upright

This is absolutely crucial for weaning. Look out for baby holding their head up and being able to stay in a seated position by themselves.

Don’t be fooled… two things that you might think indicate they are ready for weaning that actually don’t are:

Wanting more milk/not sleeping through the night

Feeling hungrier than usual isn’t necessarily a call for weaning. It could just be a sign of a growth spurt and believe us babies have lots of those.

Chewing Fists

Putting anything in their mouth, even their own fists, may look like a sign of hunger but it isn’t; a) – that’s how babies familiarise themselves with things; b) – fingers and fists in the mouth is also comforting.

Finding balance in weaning

It’s time. You’re ready and baby’s ready. You’ll need time, sticking power, a cupboard full of foods and flavours, and a hungry baby. Balance? That will follow.

Ready for weaning

Start Simply

Baby is easily impressed. Mashed up steamed veggies? You’ve nailed it. A soft fruit puree? Now that’s what we call dessert. Don’t make things complicated.

Don’t wean against the clock

It’s going to take time, so make sure you’re not rushing. Sit down in a calm and quiet environment. Pro tip: make sure your child isn’t starving hungry. Things will go much more smoothly if they’re not crying out for food.

It’s going to get messy

Let’s face it, some food is just going to get spat back out again, even if they life it – sometimes it’s just a little overwhelming. Excuse and expect the mess.

Stick with it

You don’t like everything so why should you expect baby to. Remember the old adage that it takes up to 12 tries to like a new taste. It’s true keep at it.

Strap in

First things first all weaning activities need to take place in the highchair, so your baby is upright seated safely, and less likely to choke.

Taste adventures with first foods

There’s no one best food to start with when weaning, but simply prepared vegetables and fruits make great options. Here are some suggestions for first foods, along with what to avoid.

Ready for weaning

Piccolo range and recipes

Remember, you’re not going it alone. In fact, Piccolo’s infant nutrition specialist and nutritional chef, Alice Fotheringham, has put together loads of simple and tasty recipes online to help you whip up everything from first purees to finger foods, family dinners.

Also, for those non-stop days where life takes over, Piccolo pouches can come in super-handy. The wide range of wholesome recipes suitable for every stage of weaning.

Ready for weaning and first tastes