Getting counselling to help you during divorce or separation

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No two people cope with the same situation in the same way, sometimes we might need a bit of extra help

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Sometimes you might need to seek some counselling after a divorce or separation to help you work through your feelings, and there is no shame in this. No two people will cope with the same situation in the same way. While one person might be able to move on really quickly and throw themselves into a new relationship, for another it can take more time - even years before they feel ready to move on. It isn’t healthy to live in the past but sometimes we might need a bit of extra help to encourage us to move on and let the past be the past.

The charity Family Lives can help to support you through difficult times so if you feel in need of a bit of extra support while going through divorce or separation or other family problems don’t hesitate to contact them.  Family lives offer online chat, a helpline and email service (details can be found below). You can talk things through with a trained support worker who is there to listen, advise and support you.  

Relationship counselling from Marriage Care

Marriage Care is an organisation that offers dedicated relationship counselling to anyone who is going through a divorce or separation and can help to get relationships back on track.  This is what Marriage Care say about their service:

“Marriage Care counselling is for anyone who feels they could benefit from dedicated, professional support. No matter what stage you're at - whether you're just starting out or you've been together for years, whether you're thinking of walking away from one relationship or entering into another - we can help. We believe professional relationship support should be more widely available and consequently, we don't charge a set fee for our work. However, we do ask clients for a contribution to support our services where they can.”

Finding your own counsellor

If you feel that this might be helpful, do get in contact with them or speak to your GP to see what support they can offer you.  If you would prefer to seek your own therapist, you can always look at the website for the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy where you will be able to search for a therapist in your area.  Obviously, this will be a private arrangement that you will have to pay for.

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Bounty is proud to bring you this information in partnership with Family Lives is a charity with over three decades’ experience helping parents to deal with the changes that are a constant part of family life.  

Comments on this article are monitored but NOT answered. However, Family Lives has extensive advice on their website, live chat services, and information about befriending services and parenting/relationship support groups.  There is also a helpline and an online community forum offering a safe space for families to share dilemmas, experiences and issues with others who understand the ups and downs of family life.

Getting counselling to help you during divorce or separation