Electric double breast pumps

Electric Double pumps

Electric double pumps offer an affordable way of expressing milk super fast.

What are double electric pumps?

Electric pumps are the masters of breast pumps. Although they can look a bit, uhm, mechanical, once in full flow (excuse the pun) they pump milk very fast and easily for your baby.
While single electric breast pumps are fast and effective, the electric double pump allows you to express milk from both boobs at the same time. So, a double pump speeds up your expressing – perfect for busy mums and those with more than one baby at home.

Electric double pumps are winners for several reasons:

  • you can express twice as much milk as you can with a single
  • they’re not tiring to use and you can use them in different positions
  • some have a ‘memory’ function that stores your perfect rhythm
  • they’re easy and efficient

Which electric pump is right for you?

Deciding whether to go for a single or a double electric pump depends on your milk requirements. Look out for pumps that are:

  • easy to use, with clear instructions
  • able to fully disassemble for easy cleaning
  • suitable for a dishwasher or steriliser (or both)
  • tailored suction to mimic your baby's sucking patterns
  • adjustable suction levels

Top tips when buying an electric pump

  • if it’s mains-powered, you’ll near to be near a power point
  • you can sometimes rent them from hospitals – ask your midwife or health visitor
  • be aware they aren’t the quietest of machines, but they are very effective at what they do
  • for mums of twins these are probably the best option

How much will an electric double pump cost?

Prices start around £100.

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