Travel highchairs

Feed your baby in comfort when out and about or staying away from home

What are travel highchairs?

Travel highchairs are exactly that, a travel version of a highchair to take with you for feeding baby away from home. It is more compact that a highchair as it doesn’t have the long legs, and often attaches to a standard dining chair.

Easy to transport wherever you are going and ensures your baby is safe and comfortable when eating away from home.

How much do travel highchairs cost?

Travel highchairs can cost as a little as £20, sometimes even slightly less for the basic models, but can go up to nearer £100 from some manufacturers.

What travel highchair options are there?

There are different types of travel options for feeding your child out and about.

Travel highchairs – Easy to travel with, they look very much like the seat section of a highchair but rather than sit on its own legs, it attaches to a chair.

Fabric harness – this is a very simple option that just wraps your baby to the chair. It covers the safety aspect so your baby won’t fall as it is only fabric. Your baby will be the height of the chair and not raised higher; it’s a handy option you can easily carry around with you for emergencies.

Foldable boosters – Extra travel-friendly as they are designed to fold and can be transported easily, and used in the same way as a normal booster seat.

Clamp-on seats –These are designed for your baby to sit at the table with you as they clamp onto the edge of a table, so wherever you are your baby can join you at mealtimes.

Ready to buy?

Take a look below at some of our favourite Travel Highchairs.

Mamas & Papas – Baby Bud Booster Seat

Mamas & Papas – Baby Bud Booster Seat

Offer price: £32.70 - Buy now

  • A handy, safe seat that is portable to feed your baby when you're away from home.
  • The seat is easy to wipe clean for all mealtime messes.
  • It is designed for a growing baby with three stages of seat positions.
  • The seat has four independently adjustable feet that help secure it to any chair.
  • It has its own carry handle for you to carry it around easily.
  • The seat is available in three colours, teal, raspberry or putty.

Age: Suitable from 6 months
Item Weight: 1.6 Kg
Product Dimensions: 32 x 36.5 x 31 cm
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 15 Kilograms

Why we love the Baby Bud Booster Seat....

  • This travel chair is ideal if you are feeding your baby away from home a lot, it is so easy to carry, secure and clean.
  • We adore the modern design of this travel chair that comes in three strong colours.
  • Everything about this chair is well thought out, the space for a baby’s legs under the tray is comfortable but really keeps them safe from slipping down.
  • The fact that it grows with your baby is probably our favourite bit as for the price, you will want to know this will last your baby right through the weaning stage.
  • Loving the adjustable feet to allow secure fitting to a chair.

Chicco – Pocket Snack Booster Seat

Chicco – Pocket Snack Booster Seat

Offer price: £19.95 - Buy now

  • A great seat to use when baby is first ready to join the family at the table.
  • The tray has three positions for comfort but can also be removed.
  • The seat has a fully adjustable 3-point harness for baby’s safety.
  • Really easy to store as it folds down small.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with shoulder straps or handles.
  • The bright and fun design of this seat is easily wiped clean.

Age From: 6 Months - 3 Years
Weight (kg): 2 kg

Why we love the Pocket Snack Booster Seat ....

  • This is a great all round booster seat that is ideal for baby’s first meal at the table, with the ingenious height adjustments you can make but also a great travel highchair to take out.
  • We adore the bright design and easy to wipe clean surface.
  • Everything about this booster says portable as it is incredibly lightweight and so easy to carry around with the handle or shoulder strap.
  • The belt is adjustable enough to fit around just about any chair for baby’s safety.
  • Loving that it grows with your baby and your 3-year-old can even eat comfortably and safely in it.

Bumbo – Baby Sitter and Play Tray

Bumbo – Baby Sitter and Play Tray

Offer price: £31.99 - Buy now

  • A versatile support to help your baby stay say sitting up, ideal for feeding and playing.
  • Helps support baby’s posture before they can fully support themselves.
  • It has a detachable tray to use for feeding but easily removed for your baby to play.
  • Its easy to wipe clean.
  • The bumbo is a great option at home and easy to throw in the back of the car when you need somewhere safe for your baby when you are away from home.

Age: Suitable for babies 4-12 months
Babies weighing: 9-22lb or 4-10kg (use should be determined by baby's physical development)
Weight:                4 kg
Height: 25 cm
Width:  43 cm
Depth:  43 cm

Why we love the Baby Sitter and Play Tray ....

  • We love that this seat has so many benefits, a safe place to eat, but more importantly, a safe seat for baby to be upright and enjoy the world around him, allowing you the freedom to get on with a few essential chores.
  • We adore the funky design of the Bumbo seat and the bright colour options.
  • It’s a great seat to take with you everywhere as it has so many uses for baby’s comfort and safety.
  • We love that it’s so easy to wipe clean as we know how important this is with a baby.
  • Loving the detachable play tray ideal for feeding or keeping toys handy.

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