Baby Healthcare

From nasal aspirators to infants’ medicines, there are many products around to help you take special care of your little angel.

What baby healthcare products are around?

From the moment your baby is born, he is exposed to ailments we all suffer from but there are many products on the market to help relieve symptoms in a gentle way.

There are various types products around to help take care of your baby’s health include nasal aspirators that can ease cold and blocked nose symptoms. Medicines designed to ease symptoms are also available for babies as young as two months which can help relieve pain, reduce temperatures and ease symptoms of common ailments.

A common issue with young babies is their tiny but very sharp finger nails that can lead them to innocently scratching themselves. Many brands, including supermarkets, sell specifically small nail clippers to help you manage your baby’s nails in the early days.

There are also plenty of products around for your baby’s dental healthcare that includes baby’s first toothbrush designed to be soft and gentle for your little’s one delicate gums.

How do you know what healthcare products are best?

As with any healthcare products, particularly medicines, it is always best to get the advice of your GP or health visitor.

Top tips

Getting support from healthcare professionals is always important and particularly when you have concerns about a young baby.
When you have your baby you will be assigned a health visitor that should visit you around 10 days after you have your baby and then you can see regularly at your clinic. You should always have a contact number for your health visitor and any concerns you have regarding your baby’s health or which products you may wish to try, your health visitor should be your first port of call.
If you do wish to see your GP, you may find that GP’s will offer advice over the phone or suggest you bring your baby in to the surgery before usual surgery hours. If you do go into the surgery without an appointment, do be prepared that you may have to wait some time to be seen.

Ready to buy?

Take a look at some of the popular baby healthcare products below.


Sudocrem – Antiseptic Healing Cream

Sudocrem – Antiseptic Healing Cream

RRP: £3.21 - Buy now

  • A popular choice for nappy rash prevention.
  • Antiseptic cream to help prevent infection.
  • A thick barrier cream to protect baby’s skin.
  • Works to treat nappy rash as well as protecting it from further irritation.
  • Secure lid to stop the cream drying out.

Why we love the Antiseptic Healing Cream ....

  • We love that this cream applies easily and with a visible barrier to ensure you have protected all the skin.
  • The cream soothes the discomfort of nappy rash.
  • The peace of mind that its antiseptic properties will prevent the skin getting infected.
  • This cream has a soothing feel and smell and is great on baby’s skin.

Sterimar – Nasal Drops

Sterimar – Nasal Spray

RRP: £7.99 - Buy now

  • Nasal hygiene system, designed for 0-3 years.
  • The spray is 100% natural and is a medical device designed for cleansing your baby’s nose.
  • It comes with sea water microdiffusion.

Why we love Nasal Drops....

  • We love that this spray can help soothe blocked little noses.
  • The peace of mind that this product is 100% natural is a great incentive to use it.
  • We love the sea water microdiffusion for easy use.

Snufflebabe – Nasal Drops

Snufflebabe – Nasal Drops

RRP: £2.59 - Buy now

  • These sterile and safe nasal drops are a good way to help unblock little noses.
  • They work to soften and wash away pollen, dust, viruses, bacteria and mucus.
  • They are easy to use buy simply squeezing drops into each nostril.

Why we love the Nasal Drops ....

  • They are a safe way to clear baby’s blocked nose which isn’t an easy thing to do.
  • The saline is sterile to protect your little one.
  • Easy to use and designed for the noses of babies.
  • The drops are suitable from birth and can be used to help older babies relieve stuffy noses too.

Nelsons Teetha

Nelsons – Teething Powder

Offer price: £7.49 - Buy now

  • A herbal medicinal powder to help relieve teething pain.
  • The powder eases sore and tender gums.
  • Can help relieve other teething symptoms such as flushed cheeks, dribbling, irritability and restlessness.
  • Comes in a sachet which can be tipped into baby’s mouth or with a spoon if you prefer.

Why we love the Teething Powder ....

  • The fact that the powder is herbal gives parents peace of mind that it is all natural.
  • We adore the quick relief these powders give to sore mouths.
  • We love the way the dose can be repeated regularly to help ease the pain.
  • The powders also offer general relief from teething gums and related sore cheeks.

Infacol – Colic Relief

Infacol – Colic Relief

Offer price: £2.99 - Buy now

  • An oral treatment to help ease colic symptoms.
  • The drops help relieve colic and griping pain.
  • Helps to bring up wind.
  • Orange flavour liquid
  • Infacol can be used from birth onwards.

Why we love the Colic Relief....

  • We love that this can be used from birth as colic can begin very early.
  • Infacol is a well-known name in colic relief for young babies so is peace of mind for parents.
  • It’s easy to use with a tiny dropper for tiny mouths.
  • Loving the subtle orange flavour as it helps baby not to reject the medicine.

Dentinox – Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo

Dentinox – Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo

Offer price: £2.09 - Buy now

  • A safe baby shampoo that specifically targets cradle cap.
  • Although designed to combat cradle cap, it offers overall care for baby’s scalp and hair.
  • Easy to use by just massaging the shampoo gently but firmly into the affected area.
  • Designed to be used regularly.
  • As it is a medicine, it’s important to check with your doctor or health visitor before use.

Age: Suitable from birth
This is a medicine; Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have an underlying medical condition, are taking any other medication or complementary therapy, or if symptoms persist.
Seek advice before using if you are breast feeding, pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or suffer from allergies.
Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

Why we love the Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo ....

  • We love that this shampoo can be used regularly to help combat cradle cap.
  • Loving that you can still use this as a normal shampoo.
  • Easy to use, by just massaging on to baby’s hair and affected area.

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