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Baby Changing unit

Baby changing units help you change your baby’s nappies quickly and easily, with everything you need in easy reach.

What is a baby changing unit?

You can change a baby on the floor using a changing mat, but a changing table will save a lot of backache! Most come with a comfy mat and storage underneath too, so you can grab wipes, nappies and clothes with one hand, while holding your baby firmly in place with the other!

Changing nappies can be a fun, bonding, calming time – or a stress-inducing chaos of tears, wriggling and rage. They key is to get organised so everything is in easy reach – and smile!

Which baby changing unit is right for you?

Changing units range from big to small, luxury to basic. They can be standalone or integrated into nursery furniture. Some units even come with a tiny bath – luxury! So think how much you want to spend, how much space you have and how much you adore highly organised storage!

How much will a baby changing unit cost?

Prices range from about £25 to the high hundreds, (more expensive options are usually integrated with a set of drawers).

Baby changing unit accessories 

You’ll need a few bits and pieces to change nappies quickly and efficiently:

  • Top and tail bowl
  • Cotton wool and water, or wipes
  • Nappy sacks
  • Nappy disposal bin
  • A toy or mobile to keep your baby amused – it’s impossible to describe how helpful this is when your baby reaches wriggle-age
  • Bucket for washable nappies
  • A change of clothes

Top tips for buying a baby changing unit

Never leave your baby alone on the change table – even tiny ones can wriggle off.

Ready to buy?

Take a look at some of the popoular baby changing units below.

East Coast nursery dresser

RRP: £84.99 - Buy now

Fabulously designed changing station with lots of storage space in a stylish, contemporary design

  • Comes with a padded changing mat for comfy nappy changes
  • Has two large shelves for baby's toiletries and nappies
  • Has a handy towel rail built-in
  • Constructed from solid pine in a white or antique finish
  • Has a clean, simple design which will work in modern or traditional nurseries/bedrooms
  • Requires simple self assembly

Age: from birth to 12 months
Dimensions:  93cm x 81cm x 49cm

Why we love the East Coast nursery dresser ....

  • It's really easy to assemble and very solidly built
  • It has lots of space for all baby's essentials, meaning everything is close to hand when changing/topping and tailing
  • It comes with a good quality changing mat
  • It doesn't look obtrusive in other rooms in the house – perfect to keep downstairs for those endless newborn nappy and babygro changes!
  • Its unfussy design fits in with any other nursery furniture

Obaby Open Changing Unit

RRP: £69.95 - Buy now

A stylish baby changing unit with lots of useful shelf space, finished in a practical, modern design

  • Solid wood, contemporary design available in three finishes
  • Large shelves mean all baby's changing essentials can be kept close to hand at bath and nappy time
  • Flat packed for easy home assembly
  • Comes with manufacturer's 5 year guarantee
  • Minimalist styling will blend into any nursery or bedroom setting

Age: from birth to 12 months
Dimensions: H85.5cm x W80cm x D50cm

Why we love the Obaby Open Changing Unit ....

  • It has a fabulous, modern, Scandi-style design which will look cool in any room setting
  • Its deep shelves are an excellent size, and you could put baskets on them for extra storage
  • It can be wiped clean to keep it fresh and hygienic
  • It's really easy to assemble, and very solid once built
  • Makes nappy changing much easier because baby is at parents' waist height!

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