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bamboo Kidz

*Exclusive* Save on hypo-allergenic, super soft bamboo Kidz Clothing

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*Exclusive* Save on hypo-allergenic, super soft bamboo Kidz Clothing

Bamboo is thermal regulating and great for skin conditions such as eczema. Our styles are practical and 'easy to wear' and great for a baby’s first year & free delivery!

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Treat your baby to super soft bamboo clothing this Christmas. Makes for an ideal gift for expectant or new parents. 

Practical, stylish and easy to wear, the bamboo kidz range includes mix and match bodysuits, trousers, super soft onesies and sleep suits. There are many sizes and colours to choose from. All clothing in the bamboo kidz range is made of bamboo fabric.
Our trousers are clever because they come in double layered (front only) for added protection for crawling and unsteady babies.

Bamboo is softer than organic cotton
Fabric made from bamboo has been likened to silk and cashmere. It is extremely soft and smooth which will make your baby feel super comfortable and content.

Thermal regulating 
Bamboo’s thermal regulating quality makes it ideal for Newborns who naturally find it difficult to keep a consistent and comfortable body temperature. These bamboo bodysuits will keep your baby up to 2-3 degrees warmer this winter while it will cool down your baby’s temperature during the warmer months. 

Hypo-allergenic & anti-bacterial
Bamboo is the perfect fabric for your baby's sensitive skin, particularly for those with eczema, allergies, dermatitis or other skin sensitivities. Bacteria does not live well in bamboo and naturally stops the bacteria from spreading. Bamboo is naturally hypo-allergenic. It is non-irritating to the skin as it is so soft and also anti-fungal.