The lowdown on the school gates rules

We let out the secret (unspoken) rules of the school gates for mums

The rules of the school gates

We tell you what you need to know about entering those school gates every morning

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You will be forgiven for thinking that the school rules only apply to the children, but there are some (unspoken) rules mums need to know. Here’s the lowdown…

1. It’s all about the outfit

Don’t be under the misapprehension that you can just rock up in your PJs covered by a coat. What you wear to drop your little one off at school will instantly have you labelled as a particular parent.
But don’t show up in full sports gear or you’ll be dragged into the local running club, but dress on trend, and you might get invited into the ‘cool’ mums group.

2. Careful what you say

Never take the chance of moaning to another mum about the kid that pulled your little one’s hair…if it turns out to be the kid’s mum’s bestie, that will be one hole impossible to get out of. And never mention the school staff at pic up, you can bet your life they’ll be right behind you when you do!

3. Stay modest

Doesn’t matter how bursting with pride you might be about your little one getting picked for the footy team or getting ‘Star of the Week’, don’t be THAT parent that’s always said to be boasting about her child.

4. Be wary of the PTA mums

It won’t take you long to spot these mums, they will always be at the school gates selling raffle tickets or trying to get you to fill out a questionnaire. You will soon be asked to ‘help’ the PTA, it’s great to help out, but be careful of being too helpful as you could end out every morning at the school gates armed with a clipboard.

5. The basics of the ‘bullying’ issue

Most children at some stage come up against another child that they don’t get on with or feels that the child picks on them. Don’t be tempted to go and speak to the mum and ever use the ‘b’ word. It’s better to follow the rules and deal with it by going through the class teacher.

6. The politics of the parties

Oh the birthday parties. Never, ever discuss them in the playground. If you mention to the wrong person about a party their little one hasn’t been invited to, there’s bound to be a world of trouble.

The lowdown on the school gates rules