Are you a yummy or slummy school run mum?

When getting to the school gates, which school run mum category are you in?

Which type of school run mum are you?

Whether slummy or yummy, we help you decide what school run mum category you fit in to

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Do you arrive at school always in good time and having had time to do your hair and make-up? Or you always running through the gates as the whistle blows only half dressed? We take a look at all the different school run mums…which one are you?

1. The ‘get there by the seat of my pants’ one

A common school run mum, who’s always trying to pass those gates before the whistle blows. Little ones are being pulled along trying to hold on to their breakfast they are still trying to finish. She may well be in a semi state of dress with even a pyjama top lurking beneath the coat. 

2. Full-time working mum

Probably in a high powered job and doesn’t often get to do the school run herself. If she does she’ll be dressed to impress, probably on the phone as she drops the little ones off and doesn’t hang around the playground to chat.

3. Overprotective mum

This is the parent of the child who always has a coat or hat in their bag ‘just in case’ she’ll chat in the playground, but you’ll never get her full attention as she always has one eye on her little one in case they fall, or need a cuddle.

4. The renowned yummy mummy

This term was created to sum up that mum who never seems to be worn out by her children, they always have time to do their hair and make-up perfectly however early it is and their outfit is perfectly coordinated and they may even have a pair of heels on when calmly and happily strolling into school with their little ones.

5. Exercise queen

This mum is always kitted out for a full workout. The outfit, trainers, sweatband. And they will always be seen walking to school despite the weather and when the rest of the mums pile into their cars after the school run, the exercise queen will probably be see earphones in, jogging home.

6. PTA ‘organised’ mum

The PTA mum is always organised, always has a hand in whatever is going on at school. Will also be the one to delegate the collection for the teachers to another mum (that she doesn’t feel does enough). She’ll also be the mum blocking your path to sell you raffle tickets as you try to get through the gates. Nightmare for ‘get there by the seat of my pants’ mum.

7. The age old competitive mum

She loves to tell you her little one scored 5 goals in the match last week and her other child got top of the class in the test yesterday. She doesn’t have time for general chit chat about TV, but would rather talk about the up-coming exams.

8. Multiple mum

This mum always appears to be rushing as she has to get 4 of them into school on time. You will see her quickly drop the older ones before sprinting round the other side of the school to get the youngest to the nursery class. She’s sociable as having so many kids, she knows pretty much all parents and all the teachers.

9. Slummy mummy

This is the mum trying to hide the breakfast stain on her top and clearly hasn’t run a brush through her hair that morning. Her youngest is having a full blown tantrum while she tries to come up with Plan B now realising she’s left the children’s lunches at home.

10. Child-minders

The gang culture of child minders can be quite intimidating to other mums, they are old hands when it comes to the school run, know the grounds like the back of their hand and are on first name terms with all the teachers. 

11. Alpha mummy

The alpha mum is educated, tech-savvy, mum with one clear goal: mummy excellence. A dab hand at multi-tasking and the alpha mum’s little ones are centre of her world. 

12. Prommie

The Prommie (Professional Mummy) was once the full-time working mummy but doe to cutbacks in the city is now a stay at home mum. Efficient and organised as she was at work, she runs her own with the same attitude. 

It won’t be long now before you’re back at those school gates, working out which mum fits which type!

Are you a yummy or slummy school run mum?