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2 week old baby

What to expect in week two with your newborn baby

Two weeks old – Feeding and getting out and about

Congratulations – you’ve survived the slightly crazy first week. Here’s what to expect in the second week of your new lives together.

At a glance

  • Continue with skin-to-skin contact
  • Don't worry if they are losing a little weight, this will probably stop once feeding is established
  • It's a good time to register the birth of your little one, if you haven't already

Your baby's development at two weeks old

Your baby is still too little to focus their eyes but they love staring into your face with what seems like really intense concentration. Do look back at them, keeping your face within 25cms of theirs, as this marks the start of the communication between you.

Continue with your skin-to-skin contact, too, as it helps the bonding process and will reassure your baby about this strange new world outside the womb.

Don’t worry if they are continuing to lose weight: this will probably stop by day 10-11 once feeding is established. If you’re concerned about their weight speak to your midwife, or health visitor if she’s already taken over your care (this usually happens at around 10 days). But the general rule is: if the baby is alert, has a good skin colour and has 6-8 wet nappies a day, they will be fine. Some are just a bit slower to get going than others.

Once they begin putting on weight again, you can expect them to gain around 25g (1oz) a day, although not necessarily in a predictable, straight-line-on-a-graph kind of way. It happens in fits and starts. That’s why mums are advised to not to get their babies weighed more often than once a month in the first six months.

You’ll certainly notice they’re growing fast, even if they still seem a bit curled up. You’ll probably be surprised to discover that their nails already need trimming, which is a bit nerve-racking and possibly best done when they’re asleep. Your baby will probably be sleeping up to 18 hours this week, still in a slightly random fashion. Most find it very difficult to stay awake more than two hours at a time.

Feeding your two week old baby

By now they’re probably getting the hang of feeding, but if you’re struggling with breastfeeding, don’t be afraid to get lots of help from breastfeeding counsellors, plus your midwife and health visitor. It’s all about getting the right latch, and one of them will be able to pinpoint the problem. So keep asking until you get the answer you need. See the Bounty.com breastfeeding section for more help.

Getting out and about

Have you got to week 2 and suddenly realised you haven’t stepped outside the front door since you arrived home from hospital? You’re not alone, there. With so much feeding, random sleeping and nappy changing to do, it can seem like there’s never a clear ‘window’ of time to go outside.

But some fresh air can really help your mood, even if it’s only a short stroll down the road. Some mums find the baby blues kick in this week instead of at the usual day 3-4 time. Some mums also miss being pregnant: that feeling of being special, on the verge of something exciting.

Don’t worry – all these feelings will pass but don’t be afraid to ask for help if you don’t feel you are coping well.

Registering the birth

It’s a good time to register your baby’s birth at your local register office if you or your partner haven’t done it yet. You’ve got until your baby is six weeks old to do it, though, (but only three weeks in Scotland) so it’s not panic stations yet.

Tips from other Bounty mums 

"Have a babymoon. Stick a sign on the door/window saying you are both well but resting, and have a few days to yourselves to bond. Remember, the best visitors are the ones who will do everything for you but look after the baby."- Sara-Jane

At a glance

  • Continue with skin-to-skin contact
  • Don't worry if they are losing a little weight, this will probably stop once feeding is established
  • It's a good time to register the birth of your little one, if you haven't already

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