The first weeks

The first weeks with your baby

The first 12 weeks of your little one's life

Early weeks with your little one

After 9 months, you’re finally able to meet your baby and hold them in your arms. These first few weeks will be very busy and slightly crazy, but the best thing to do is take everything as it comes and enjoy it. In the first 1 or 2 weeks your baby will be getting used to life outside the womb, and you’ll be getting used to changing lots of nappies! It’s good to get some skin-to-skin contact with your baby in these initial weeks and you might want to think about registering their birth, but there’s no rush just yet as you’ll likely have your hands full.

By the time your baby is 5 weeks old, they will be staying awake for slightly longer periods of the day and you might think about introducing short ‘playing’ sessions of 5 to 10 minutes. This could be anything from showing them something new like the garden or a tree, or even just spending time making silly faces with them!

When you’re baby is 9 weeks old you might find they become interested in new sounds, especially if they have a rattle which they’ll be fascinated by. Their co-ordination will also be improving a lot as their eyes adjust to judge depth and distances a bit better.

At 12 weeks old your baby will likely go through a growth spurt. This will involve them waking more for feeding and seeming a little bit more restless. It’s also around this time that they’ll be ready for their second batch of immunisations.