The first weeks

How to recognise you are in the 100 days baby fog

Seven sure fire signs you are in the 100 days baby fog stage

Signs the 100 day baby fog is upon you

Seven things you may recognise in the first 100 days of having a baby

100 days baby fog

  • Any of this sound familiar?

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So you’ve had your beautiful baby, that nine months of pregnancy is over and now you are a mum with all the wonderful things it has to offer. But the madness of being a mum in the first few months after giving birth can be quite an eye-opener.

Sometimes known as the first 100 days of baby fog, adapting to life as a mum in those first weeks, can be all consuming.

Here are some tell-tale signs you are amidst the 100 days baby fog.

1. That moment of reality

When you look at your newborn baby and the reality sets in that you are responsible for keeping this tiny little human alive.

2. The hormone months

Just because you’ve had your baby, doesn’t mean your hormones settle, if anything they can be more unpredictable than ever. Moods can change in seconds from calm and serene to a sobbing mess clutching for the tissues.

3. Sleep? What’s that?

You thought you knew the meaning of sleep deprivation before you had your baby, but you really didn’t. The first few weeks and months of being a mum you wander round doing what has to be done, but wondering if you’ll ever sleep properly again.

4. Relationship takes on a new form

It wasn’t so long ago when you and your partner lived in your own little world of each other, and spending quality time with each was a given. Now? You’re not sure if you’ve even spoken to each other today, but never mind, when he comes to bed we can have some us time oh wait, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

5. A new found loneliness

Despite the fact you can’t remember the last time you spent a second alone without your baby feeding from your breast or dribbling in his sleep on your shoulder, you can randomly experience pangs of loneliness and wonder where the rest of the world has gone.

6. Nothing can prepare you

You may have read all the books, spoken to your mum friends, prepared yourself as best you can, but the endless cycle of feeding your baby, changing nappies, constant crying and rocking to sleep while trying to remember when you last showered or even ate, takes some getting used to.

7. But it’s all worth it

The first 100 days are tough and take some getting used to, but every time your baby smiles (even if it is just wind) at you or looks up into your eyes, you realise how precious this time is and how you wouldn’t change it for the world.

100 days baby fog

  • Any of this sound familiar?

How to recognise you are in the 100 days baby fog