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Leaving the house looking like a dog’s dinner: Hands up who can relate

Your baby may be beautifully dressed, but mums often end up looking like a dog’s dinner in comparison

Can you relate? Your baby looks immaculate, you resemble a dog’s dinner

It happens to the best of us, any of the below happened to you?

Mum fashion faux pas’

  • Hands up who can relate

Mum looking in mirror

Why is it when you have a baby, all your sense of style seems to be swallowed up and transferred solely to your baby? 

However hard we try, chances are most mums will experience at least once leaving the house with baby looking immaculate in a perfectly matched outfit only for us to resemble a dog’s dinner and be lucky to get out the house wearing matching socks.

Not fair, but it does happen!

So which of the below can you relate to?

1. Getting to work only to get a whiff of that familiar smell, baby sick and some stylishly dressed colleague pointing out you have it all down your back.

2. Running to the shops and finding you still have your pjs on under your coat.

3. Getting dressed in the dark so as not to disturb anyone only to get out the house and realise you are dressed in a multitude of clashing colours.

4. Get your purse out of your bag and realise you are carrying the changing bag as your handbag and a half eaten apple rolls out on the floor, and it has clearly been in there for days as it is very brown..yuk!

5. Throwing your shoes on to get out the house, only to get down the road and discover they don’t match.

6. A half-hearted attempt at wearing make up to cover up those sleepless nights only to discover you haven’t rubbed it the foundation too well and you actually look like you’ve been tangoed!

7. Some kind stranger points out in your un-manicured mop of hair there is a teeny tiny spot of baby porridge…lovely, and thanks!

Mum fashion faux pas’

  • Hands up who can relate

Leaving the house looking like a dog’s dinner: Hands up who can relate