9 new mum wardrobe mistakes not to make

The wardrobe mistakes new mums need to be mindful of

How to avoid new mum wardrobe mistakes

New mums: The wardrobe mistakes to be mindful of

New mum wardrobe mistakes 474

There’s no doubt that becoming a mum changes your body shape and some of these changes will return somewhere close to how you were pre-pregnancy sometime in the not too distant future, but some are here to stay. Save yourself from stressing and undue pressure and re-look at your wardrobe to ensure your outfit choices reflect your current shape and you don’t simply wear what you wore before your baby if it’s not quite right for you now.

Here are some common wardrobe mistakes you should try and avoid.

1. Don’t be too quick to ditch the maternity clothes
Accept that you’ll be wearing some of your maternity clothes for a good few weeks or a couple of months after giving birth – those elasticated waists will be your friend for a little while longer.

2. Don't hide in your clothes

Thinking that choosing big, baggy clothes is a good way to hide those lumps and bumps is not the answer, they are just as unflattering as those too-tight pre-baby clothes.

3. Don’t assume that you’ll be back in all your pre-baby clothes
It’s not a given that you will one day be able to wear all your pre-baby clothes. Others will take much longer, so keep them safe and don’t try them on too often ‘just to see’ and don’t despair – you’ll get there in time.

4. Make sure you wear a properly fitting bra 
Your boobs might feel like they can’t decide on a cup size these past few months, but get yourself measured again, get comfy and work your post-baby cleavage.

5. If you like to layer clothes make sure you avoid bulk
Go for a long, lean and clean look and not one which chops up your body too much and risks looking sloppy.

6. Break up your look with different colours or textures 

It’s always more interesting to mix up colours than to use one solid colour.

7. Avoid being a slave to trainers 

Nowadays there are plenty of other flat pumps and wedges that finish an outfit without compromising new mum comfort.

8. The leggings rule
If you like wearing leggings, be sure to wear longer tops or dresses over them – worn on their own with short tops is not a good look.

9. Add just one accessory 
Whether it’s a belt, necklace, bold earrings, a colourful scarf or a crossbody bag, that one focal point can make you feel more fabulous.

9 new mum wardrobe mistakes not to make