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  • Charlie Male German 100%

    Charlie (char-lee)

    Meaning of Charlie

    This name means 'free man' and has many variants.

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  • Chloe Female Greek 100%

    Chloe (KLOWiy)

    Meaning of Chloe

    From the Old Greek meaning 'young green shoot'. In Greek mythology, this was borne as an epithet by Demeter the goddess of fertility and agriculture, in reference to her recurring fertility.

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  • Charlotte Female Norse 60%

    Charlotte (CSHAR-lot)

    Meaning of Charlotte

    A variation of the English Charles meaning 'free man'. A name first used as Karl in Germany, Carolus in France and Ceorl in Britain.

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  • Connor Male Celtic 10%

    Connor (CON-nor)

    Meaning of Connor

    Of Celtic origin, Connor is predominatly a boys name meaning 'dog lover' or 'high desire', but rising in popularity as a girls name.

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  • Cameron Male Celtic 10%

    Cameron (KAEMerahN)

    Meaning of Cameron

    Meaning 'crooked nose; this was originally a surname borne by a famous Scottish clan thought to have a common ancestor who had a crooked nose.

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  • Conor Male Celtic 10%

    Conor (KAAN-er)

    Meaning of Conor

    From the Celtic meaning 'dog lover' or 'high desire'.

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  • Caitlin Female Irish 10%


    Meaning of Caitlin

    The Irish form of the name Katherine, meaning 'pure' and 'torture'.

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  • Cara Female Italian 10%

    Cara (car-rah)

    Meaning of Cara

    This name means 'dear and beloved'.

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  • Caleb Male Hebrew 0%

    Caleb (KEYLahB)

    Meaning of Caleb

    From the Hebrew 'kelev' meaning 'dog'. The name was given to one of Moses' devoted companions on the journey to the promised land, therefore it is associated with loyalty and devotion to God.

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  • Connie Female English 0%

    Connie (KAHNIY)

    Meaning of Connie

    Derived from the Norman name Constantia, meaning 'constant' or 'steadfast'.

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