10 things that let you know labour is about to start…

…forget contractions, here’s how you’ll know labour is approaching

10 sure fire signs labour is almost here

Setting up camp in the loo? Yep, won’t be long now

Labour almost here because…

  • …how to know

Signs labour is near

Of course you’ll know when you’re actually in labour, but here are a few sure fire signs labour is about to start…

1. Sleep, what’s that?

It’s no good, on your back, on your side, stuffing five pillows under your back or between your legs, you just can’t get comfortable enough to sleep, even though you are SHATTERED!

2. Setting up camp in the loo

You may as well, you are spending the majority of your day in there, you didn’t know it was possible to wee that many times in a day.

3. ‘Haven’t you had the baby yet?’

Everywhere you go and everyone you see kindly asks you this utterly ridiculous question.

4. Your new favourite phrase

‘I am sick of being pregnant’ comes out your mouth more than anything else.

5. Nesting kicks in

You simply have to redecorate the nursery right now, never mind you can barely climb the stairs, you are determined to get on that ladder and repaint the whole room in a day.

6. Your mum arrives

Assuming you will already be in labour by the time she arrives, your mum turns up to ‘help’ but as the baby hasn’t arrived yet, she has plenty of time to criticise your cleaning skills and choice of curtains…great!

7. You have nightmares about birth

You wake up in a cold sweat in the night that you have had your baby, but it’s not a baby, it’s a full grown adult you have given birth to. AAGGHH!

8. Facebook posts get repetitive

Every hour you update your status to share that: ‘I haven’t had the baby yet’

9. Scare stories

Everyone you have ever met decides now is a good time to share their scary birth stories with you and to let you know, ‘once this baby comes, your life will never be the same again.’ Shocking, and thanks!

10. Can someone tie my laces?

You literally can no longer reach your feet, you haven’t seen them in months, but now you can’t even manage to tie your own laces so find yourself asking anyone if they can bend down and tie your laces.

Labour almost here because…

  • …how to know

10 things that let you know labour is about to start…