9 unusual and early signs of pregnancy

Missed period, sore boobs, but what are the more unusual early signs of pregnancy?

9 unusual early signs of pregnancy

What really early pregnancy symptoms could I experience that I wouldn’t expect?

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Some women say they just know, and others may look to the more common early symptoms if they suspect they may be pregnant. Missed period, swollen and sore boobs, morning sickness and even food aversions are the obvious, but there are some odd symptoms that you might not expect to be an early sign of pregnancy.

Here’s some of the more unusual symptoms that could have you believing something else is going on. But don’t panic you’re not crazy.

1.Waking up hot

Feeling overheated for 2 weeks or more when you wake in the morning may be an early sign of pregnancy. Following ovulation, your body temperature can be higher than normal. If it doesn’t regulate over the next couple of weeks, this could be a sign of pregnancy.

2. Feeling lightheaded

It’s common for women in the early stages of pregnancy to suffer from bouts of feeling lightheaded and dizzy spells. This is due to pregnancy causing your blood pressure to drop and your blood vessels to dilate causing you to feel lightheaded.

3. Constipation

Another early symptom you could experience is constipation. Your pregnancy can slow down your digestive system. This is important to ensure your little one has time to absorb the nutrients he/she needs but it can result in you feeling bloated and unable to go to the toilet. Adding more fibre to your diet can help things naturally along. 

4. Diarrhoea

Early pregnancy hormones can just as easily speed up your digestive system too. Avoid spicy, high-fat and high-fibre foods and fizzy drinks and make sure you drink plenty of water.

5. Emotional rollercoaster

You may surprise yourself at how you react to things differently more than normal. Something that you’d usually shrug off without a second thought could see you in floods of tears or in a rage and you just can’t understand why. Again that’ll be those pregnancy hormones

6. Stuffy nose – and another cold!

You may just feel binged up because the blood supply around your body causes inflammation in the nasal passages. Also known as the Rhinitis of pregnancy. Also, whereas you may usually avoid picking up every cold or bug that is going around, early pregnancy can see you suffering with one thing after another. Pregnancy lowers your immunity leaving you more vulnerable to everything going round.

7. Vaginal discharge

White, milky, thick vaginal discharge around the time of your missed period is also a sign caused by the thickening of the vagina walls.

8. Mild cramping

It can be hard to know if cramping is down to your period or whether it’s a sign of implantation where the embryo that’s been fertilised is dividing and growing. Some spotting is also common and could be a result of implantation bleeding.

9. Needing to pee more often

Needing to pee more typically starts at about 6 weeks and going to the loo more often is more noticeable before a missed period.

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9 unusual and early signs of pregnancy