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  • Sophie Female Greek 100%

    Sophie (SO-fee)

    Meaning of Sophie

    A pet form of the English, German, Italian and Russian Sophia, Sophie is of Old Greek origin meaning 'wisdom'.

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  • Sophia Female Greek 100%

    Sophia (SOWFiyah)

    Meaning of Sophia

    Derived from the Greek meaning Wisdom. The Hebrew version of the name Jopie means 'God will Multiply' .

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  • Scarlett Female English 50%

    Scarlett (SKAHR-leht)

    Meaning of Scarlett

    Refering to cloth of a deep red color, from the word 'scarlatum'.

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  • Samuel Male Hebrew 50%

    Samuel (SAEMYuwL)

    Meaning of Samuel

    Meaning 'God has heard' or 'asked of God'. Contains the Hebrew elements 'schma'- to hear and 'el'- God.

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  • Sienna Female English 40%

    Sienna (see-EN-a)

    Meaning of Sienna

    Derived from the colour of the bricks in the city of Siena Italy meaning 'Orange-red'.

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  • Summer Female English 30%

    Summer (SUM-er)

    Meaning of Summer

    Derived literally from the English word for a season of the year.

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  • Sofia Female Italian 20%

    Sofia (so-fi-yah)

    Meaning of Sofia

    The meaning of this name is 'wisdom'. Sofia is also tha name of the capital city of Bulgaria.

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  • Sebastian Male Greek 20%

    Sebastian (Se-BAHS-tee-ahN)

    Meaning of Sebastian

    From the Latin surname meaning 'from Sebaste', refering to people from an area in what was then known as Asia Minor (Turkey). Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of Soldiers and athletes.

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  • Seren Female Welsh 10%

    Seren (SEH-ren)

    Meaning of Seren

    Meaning 'Star' in Welsh. The popular version of the name is Serena which derives from the Latin meaning "calm" or "traquil".

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  • Sam Male Hebrew 10%

    Sam (SAEM)

    Meaning of Sam

    A pet form of the biblical name Samuel meaning 'God has Heard'. Can also be a girls name.

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