Save money while doing your bit for the environment this summer

Saving, even a little, over the summer can help you save for your child’s future and you can reduce your carbon footprint at the same time

This summer save cash and the environment

Shepherds Friendly offer tips of saving this summer while reducing your carbon footprint

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Summers can get pricey, but there are ways to keep the costs down with some clever saving tips. Shepherds Friendly have put together just this, some summer saving tips to help keep your costs down and even help you keep your carbon footprint low. 

Whatever you plan to do with the family this summer, there’s fun to have while saving a little towards your child’s future and keeping your carbon footprint low. 

There are tons of sustainable options for a day out with the kids such as riding bikes rather than taking the car, filling up a water bottle with tap water instead of buying a drink, going on nature walks and visiting a farmers’ market etc. However, if you would rather stay at home, there are a lot of sustainable alternatives that are perfect for the summer months such as cooking outside on a BBQ, hanging your clothes outside to dry, having a back garden party or picnic. Whatever you manage to save along the way can go towards your child’s future.

Shepherds Friendly have a range of child savings plans. A Sustainable Junior ISA account can be opened from just £10 a month (or a £100 lump sum). The Sustainable Junior ISA aims to invest in sustainable companies that offer long-term growth, while making a positive difference to the world your child grows up in.

Remember: When investing, your capital is at risk. In poor investment conditions a Market Value Reduction (MVR) may be applied.

Save money while doing your bit for the environment this summer