Reasons toddlers play up more on holiday

Why your little one may be naughtier on holiday

Is your toddler naughtier on holiday?

If you’ve ever noticed your little one being naughtier on holiday than at home, this may be why…

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Your ideal idea of the perfect, relaxed family holiday with children, could all come crashing down as toddlers can often have other ideas. But there are some interesting reasons toddlers can be naughtier on holiday.

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Daily life is out the window

Little ones get used to the way their day goes and like to know what’s happening next. Going away means everything is unfamiliar and can unsettle them. As fun as it is, a toddler can find a holiday quite strange if there’s rushing through the airport, dinner on the go and a strange room to sleep in, this can often see them acting up as a result.

Why little ones behaviour an change

Often toddlers can be less cooperative than they usually are and it is simply because it is unfamiliar. They are probably not used to mummy and daddy being with them all day every day and combined with disrupted sleep, this can confuse them and they might just be thinking I want to be at home where it’s ‘normal’.

When little ones appear to be misbehaving it’s often their way of showing you that their confidence isn’t as high as it usually is. Lots of reassurance and extra attention on the first night should help settle this down. Familiar things from home are a great help, favourite toys, books or their favourite song to fall asleep to.

Keep things similar to home where you can

Familiar core activities in the first days can make a difference, such as mealtimes and bedtime. 

Your toddler has probably also tuned into the fact that mummy and daddy are acting differently at home and might make them think they can be sillier than normal.

If your toddler is less helpful than they usually are, try not to over discipline but try and introduce a calmer activity to help them calm down.

Ways to make holiday feel like home for little ones

Tell them what you’re doing before you do it - explain you’re all going on holiday in advance, show them pictures if you can so it can become familiar for them.
Be prepared to be flexible where you can, if they seem adamant about not wanting to do something particular, maybe leave it for another day.

Choosing self-catering allows you to give them meals that are ‘normal’ to them and can help them settle.

It’s OK to be firm when necessary – be firm but gentle.

Take each day as it comes - allow your little one some leeway in the first few days but your usual expectations about behaviour should still apply.

Reasons toddlers play up more on holiday