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The first weeks

The reality of what your first day with your new baby will be like

Exciting as it is waiting for your new baby to arrive, the reality of day one can be quite daunting

Day one with new baby: The reality

What to really expect from the first day with your new baby

What to expect on day 1 with your new baby

  • The reality of your first day with your new baby

Day 1 with new baby

It’s such an exciting time being pregnant and waiting patiently for your new baby to arrive, but when your bundle of joy finally puts in an appearance, the reality of life with your new baby can be quite daunting.

We give you the lowdown of what day one with your newborn may really be like, once all the hype dies down.

1. Good start

If you give birth in hospital, the first day can be quite good. You may be given breakfast in bed (albeit hospital food). You may have help from a nurse to wheel your baby over to you when he needs feeding, and get rid of rotten nappies and even be on hand if you’re not quite sure what to do next.

2. Home-time

Once up and fed, your baby and yourself, you are told you are able to go home, great, get home to your own bed, own bathroom, but wait….no help on hand for your baby….panic 1.

3. The car seat saga

So you’ve finally managed to strap your baby into his car seat without bashing or pinching him, and carried his seat down to the car, but how on earth does it fix into the car? You look at your other half, he looks back blankly, you finally find the instructions in the glove box and get the seat correctly fitted, phew…then baby starts to cry as he is now ready for another feed, panic 2.  Unplug car seat, feed baby in the car, start process all over again.

4. The journey

Finally you are on your way home but you daren’t drive over 5mph, what if baby gets knocked, and what if the bumps hurt your stitches…ouch! Panic 3.

5. Home sweet home

Ah you’re home, but everything feels different. Baby stuff everywhere, you get unpacked, but then what? You have no idea what to do next, oh hang on baby is crying, yes, you need to figure out why…panic 4.

6. It’s all so new

Why is the baby crying? He’s fed, winded, changed and slept. Finally you settle your baby, sit down, wonder what to do next and your baby wakes again.

7. First night

You long for your baby to settle for the night so you too can get some well-deserved sleep in your own bed, but you get your baby settled in his Moses basket, and spend the rest of the night obsessively watching him sleep. Panic 5.
And it’s only day 1!


What to expect on day 1 with your new baby

  • The reality of your first day with your new baby

The reality of what your first day with your new baby will be like