Congratulations! You're on your way to becoming a mum

All things pregnancy


Congratulations! You've just found out your pregnant and on your way to becoming a mum. Over the coming weeks and months, your body will be going through a number of changes as your baby develops from the size of a poppy seed in week 4 to a full grown baby by week 38 of your pregnancy.

You can follow your baby’s development and the changes going on for you too, with our handy pregnancy week by week section.

You can also learn more about how your body and baby will be changing trimester by trimester starting with the first trimester and what to expect in the first 13 weeks of your pregnancy.

One of the first questions you might have (or you’re being asked) is when will your little one arrive, so why not use the Bounty due date calculator to work out the approximate date of your baby’s birth! Only 5% of pregnancies arrive on their scheduled due date but it can be helpful to have a better idea of the due date so you can better plan for your new arrival.

Now that you’re pregnant it’s important to look after your health and that of your growing baby, this include ensuring eating healthy foods during your pregnancy and also avoiding certain foods during your pregnancy.

You might want to wait until after the birth to learn the sex of your baby, but it’s never too soon to start the search for the perfect baby name. You can search for names by region or origin and even learn more about a names meaning.