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What do I need to know before having a C-section?

The things they don’t warn you about C-sections

C-sections: The facts you need to know

It’s a routine procedure but there are things you may not be told…check out our must know list below.

C-sections: What you need to know

  • Must know facts about C-sections

Pregnant woman with hands on her bump

Having a C-section delivery is a very common procedure now and some choose to have a C-section. There are benefits to having a C-section, such as it’s generally fairly quick, but it is worth remembering it is still a major operation and there are some things you need to know.

We give you a few pointers of what you need to know to help you be fully prepared for a C-section should you have one.

1. Prepare yourself for the environment

You need to remember that you are having a major operation so it will take place in an operating theatre and all the staff will be wearing masks, can be quite daunting if you’ve not had an operation before.

2. Don’t think you ‘won’t feel a thing’

You will have a spinal block (epidural) before your C-section, and although you won't feel pain, you will feel pressure when your baby is lifted out, and it can be quite  intense.

3. Prepare your other half

Think about where your other half will be during the op, if he doesn’t stay near your head behind the barrier, he may see more than he bargained for!

4. Laughing, sneezing and coughing may never be the same again

After a C-section you may feel a sensation in your scar when you laugh, sneeze or cough which may find you laughing ever so quietly and politely from now on!

5. Your scar will be numb

Chances are the skin around your scar will stay pretty numb for some time. 

C-sections are a relatively straight-forward procedure and many elect to have one second time around, but it's good to be prepared for what is is involved.

C-sections: What you need to know

  • Must know facts about C-sections

What do I need to know before having a C-section?