C-Section myths exposed

Don’t believe everything you hear about C-sections, here’s what you can disregard

Myths to ignore about C-section births

Many people have something to say about C-sections, but there’s a lot you can ignore

confused pregnant woman

You will hear a lot of things about birth leading up to the big day, from your midwife, doctor, friends and family. And it’s not easy to always know what to listen to and what to ignore. Here are some common myths about C-section births that you can disregard as soon as you hear them.

1. If you have a C-section you will never have a natural birth

Not necessarily true. VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarean) is common and many women go on to have a natural birth even if they had a C-section with their first.

2. You’ll have a long stay in hospital

Wanting to get home once you have your new baby is natural, but many will tell you you will have to stay days in hospital if you have a C-section but this isn’t always true. In fact, if your C-section is straightforward, you can be home within 24 hours.

3. A C-section means you haven’t really given birth

Not true at all, after all, a baby has come from your body, you have given birth to your baby, yes with some help, but even having a vaginal birth, many need some help along the way.

4. The scar will be ugly

Today’s C-section scars are very discreet in most cases and you will barely even know it’s there - and in any case these days we love that brave mums regularly take to social media to show off theirs loud and proud.

5. Skin-to-skin isn’t possible after a C-section

If everything is straight forward there’s no reason your baby can’t be placed straight on you once he has had the once over from the nurses. Always let the medical staff know you are keen for this to happen.

C-Section myths exposed