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14 weeks pregnant

What to expect this week

What's happening in week 14

14 weeks pregnant

You are now in your second trimester and your baby is beginning to be a real 'individual' – even down to gaining their own unique set of fingerprints!

At a glance

  • Your little one now has their own unique fingerprints
  • Your baby is now around the same length as half a banana
  • Nasal congestion is common during this stage of pregnancy

How big is my baby at 14 weeks?

Size-wise, your little one is around 8cm long or around half a banana in length, weighing 42 grams and growing bigger and stronger every day.

Your baby’s arms are now in proportion with their body, but their legs still have a bit more growing to do until your baby is fully in proportion.

Your baby is really starting to take on the look of a real little person now, with their hair and eyebrows beginning to grow, and they’re starting to develop their own set of fingerprints in place on their tiny fingers! They’ll be making the most of these tiny digits and might now be able to suck their thumb.

Not only that, brain impulses have them squinting, frowning and grimacing switching from one expression to another, giving their facial muscles a real workout.

You at 14 weeks pregnant

You might be finding your 'baby brain' kicking in around now, and that you are suffering a few forgetful or foggy moments. It's hardly surprising concerning all the hard work going on inside your body! 

You might also be experiencing some of the more bizarre side effects of pregnancy such as nose bleeds and snoring. Nasal congestion in pregnancy is down to an increase in blood pumping around your body and nothing to worry about unless it is causing you discomfort, or you are getting prolific nose bleeds, in which case, mention it to your midwife. 

You might have some weird food cravings starting to kick in too – lump of coal, anyone?

You will probably have a screening blood test for Down's syndrome around now, if you haven't already had a combined blood and nuchal scan test.

Check out our pregnancy testing and screening page for more details on what this involves.

What to think about in week 14

Now you have broken your amazing baby news to all your friends and family, you are probably facing many, many questions about your list of possible names! Everyone will have an opinion on this, and their own prejudices, too. Don't let anyone's thoughts on your chosen names sway you though – so what if your gran knew someone horrible at school with that name, or your aunt had a cat with the same moniker?! It's your decision! 

Some parents-to-be choose to keep entirely 'mum' on their choices until their baby is born just to avoid this very situation – and who can blame them?

If you haven't yet got any ideas, why not have a look on our baby names pages for some inspiration?

Whether you’ve always been a fan of alternative therapies or feel they could be option to help ease some symptoms now you’re pregnant, it’s worth understanding how to safely explore these options.

It's important to be aware that some essentials oils which are commonly used in reflexology and massage are not suitable for use in pregnancy, and that massage itself is only advised to be carried out on your tummy once you are safely into your second trimester.

Some massage and alternative therapy options out there are safe under certain conditions though, and that can be lovely and relaxing for a mum-to-be, but it’s important to ensure these therapies are carried out by a qualified practitioner. 

By now, your bump is likely to become visible and you may start to have a hunch whether you should be shopping for blue or pink babygrows, but can you really know?

The answer to this is no. Until you get the opportunity to ask the sonographer to sex your child at your scan (and it is very unlikely they will be able to tell before your anomaly scan at 18-21 weeks anyway), you've really got no way of knowing for sure until d-day. After all, even sonographers sometimes get it wrong. This doesn't mean you can't enjoy having your own ideas and also have a bit of fun guessing with a few old wives' tales that may or may not turn out to be right, let’s face it, you have a 50 50 chance of getting it right!

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At a glance

  • Your little one now has their own unique fingerprints
  • Your baby is now around the same length as half a banana
  • Nasal congestion is common during this stage of pregnancy
You might be finding your 'baby brain' kicking in around now

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