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33 weeks pregnant

What to expect this week

What's happening in week 33

33 weeks pregnant

Week 33 and you are probably counting down the days!

At a glance

  • Your baby's bones are starting to harden
  • Swimming is a great way to relax and get some exercise
  • Try and get in little naps when you can

How big is my baby at 33 weeks?

Your baby is now around 3-4lbs in weight and around 44cm long, in these last few weeks it’s possible they will grow another inch and will be putting on about half a pound a week.

They might already have a head of hair, and will have perhaps shifted position and gone head down in your womb, with their little legs folded up to their chest. This engaged position readies them to move further down into your pelvis in preparation for birth!

Your baby's bones are also continuing to harden at this stage too, except for those in their skull, which stay soft and pliable to enable baby's head to be born safely.

Their immune system will now also be fully developed with the antibodies they need for the outside world being passed from you to your little one in preparation for the birth.

The levels of Amniotic fluid is now at its lowest as your baby continues to grow and take up space. With less fluid it’s likely that kicks could feel a bit sharp!

You at 33 weeks pregnant

You are probably really feeling (and looking) very pregnant now, and might have adopted the pregnant lady waddle thanks to your growing baby's position!

You might be feeling pretty exhausted quite a lot of the time, and finding you get out of puff and worn out more quickly than usual. Trying to keep as active as possible is still really encouraged though, even when you are at this late stage. Swimming is brilliant for mums-to-be as it is both a great way to relax and get a bit of exercise all while being supported by the water and feeling weightless. 

You could also give yourself an energy boost with nutrient and iron rich snacks when you feel yourself flagging (much better for you than chocolate!) - and of course, get lots of rest and feet up time!

What to think about in week 33

You might be having real problems sleeping now, not only because of your mega bump, but also because of the weird dreams which can occur in late pregnancy! It can be infuriating not being able to nod off – or nodding off then waking lots in the night – but try not to stress over a lack of sleep too much. Instead, just try and make it up when you can (and don't feel guilty about it!).

An afternoon snooze on the sofa, or in the sunshine in the back garden will do you the power of good – and you really do need to make the most of every opportunity to put your feet up and rest now!

Also... Don’t forget to start preparing for your Bounty Portrait session when you start thinking about what to pack in your hospital bag.

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For that perfect Portrait session don’t forget to pack…

  • A soft cuddly toy – this makes a great photo prop
  • A blanket – whether it’s been knitted specially or bought. Adding this to a picture makes a great photo keepsake
  • A plain top for you if you want to be in the photos
  • That special ‘first’ baby outfit.

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At a glance

  • Your baby's bones are starting to harden
  • Swimming is a great way to relax and get some exercise
  • Try and get in little naps when you can

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