36 weeks pregnant

What to expect this week

What's happening in week 36

36 weeks pregnant

Week 36 and the finish line is well and truly in sight!

At a glance

  • Your baby is getting ready to meet you now
  • They are putting on weight and getting into the 'engaged' position
  • Your nesting instinct may have kicked in

Your baby at week 36

Your baby is really getting themselves ready to meet you now! They are moving further down your pelvis ready to engage (if they haven't already), and putting on those last few ounces of weight.

The average baby weighs around 7.5lbs at birth, so your little one has a bit more to gain just now, weighing in at around 6lbs at the 36 week mark. They’ll also measure in at close to 50cm and still have a little bit of growing left to do.

You will still be feeling them moving about, but probably much lower down in your tummy. If you notice any prolonged lack of movement, do contact your midwife straight away, so she can make sure everything is as it should be.

This week they’ll be shedding the remaining downy hair which will mix in with the remaining amniotic fluid which the baby will be swallowing with some reaching their bowel and becoming meconium, which will form their first bowel movement.

Their blood circulation and immune system are now ready for the outside world after months of development, but their digestive system isn’t quite ready and will take a few months to catch up before your baby can start eating solids.

You at 36 weeks pregnant

Your midwife will be checking your baby's position at all your appointments now, and noting whether or not their head has engaged. As baby moves further down into your pelvis, you will probably find eating and breathing a whole lot easier and your desire to swig antacid from the bottle lessened! 

You might find your nesting instinct kicking in around this time, too, giving you an irrepressible desire to clean and tidy your home in readiness for your new arrival – go with it if you've got the energy – it's unlikely you'll feel quite so keen to de-clutter the under-stairs cupboard or clean the hob at any point again in the next nine months!

What to think about in week 36

Dealing with other people late in your pregnancy can end up driving you to distraction – particularly if you are finding that the constant 'not long now' or 'you look ready to pop' comments from friends and family are starting to grate! 

You could also find yourself inundated with calls and texts asking if there is 'any news'. Don't feel guilty about switching your phone off or letting the voicemail pick up, particularly if you are trying to get some rest – that's more important than relaying for the umpteenth time 'no, nothing's happening yet...' . 

Don't feel bad about being firm with repeat offenders either, perhaps by getting your partner to field your calls, or simply telling them straight out that you will call them when there is anything to report!

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At a glance

  • Your baby is getting ready to meet you now
  • They are putting on weight and getting into the 'engaged' position
  • Your nesting instinct may have kicked in
Your midwife will be checking baby's position at all your appointments

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