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38 weeks pregnant

What to expect this week

What's happening in week 38

38 weeks pregnant

By week thirty eight you might be ready to serve an eviction notice on your little one!

At a glance

  • Your baby is waiting for your contractions to start so they can finally meet you
  • Get lots of rest in the last few days before baby arrives
  • Try some natural ways to bring on labour if you are getting bored of waiting

How big is my baby at 38 weeks?

Your baby is completely ready to be born now, and is at full term. The average weight at 38 weeks is around 7lbs but of course this will vary with each baby. Developmentally and size-wise they are absolutely perfect little newborns, and the only remaining part of their pregnancy journey is meeting mum and dad!

Their organs are now all fully formed and ready for life outside their home for the past 9 months. One remaining change left to happen is the eye colour of your baby which will still be changing due to the lack of pigment. It’s common for babies to be born with blue for grey eyes but for these to turn green or brown after birth.

They are most likely very low down in your tummy now, head engaged and just waiting for the release of the hormones which will get the contractions started to push them out!

You at 38 weeks pregnant

You are no doubt impatiently ticking the days off on the calendar now, and wondering every morning if today will be the day! Try and make the most of your last few days before baby arrives by getting as much rest as you can, ready to meet your newborn.  

You might be plagued by well-wishers phoning, texting and emailing to ask if 'anything is happening' yet – very annoying but also quite nice that everyone is as excited as you to meet your new little baby!

Some mums are convinced that there are natural ways to get labour started when they get to this point in their pregnancy, from eating pineapples to having sex! If you are bored of waiting to meet your new baby son or daughter, you might want to try a few of them to see if there is any truth in the rumours! 

What to think about in week 38

Have you thought about setting up a memory box for your impending arrival? Many mums like to create a little archive or keepsake of their pregnancy and the first few days of their baby's life. You could put copies of your scan pics, your maternity notes, even your positive pregnancy test in it! 

Once your baby is here, you'll have their hospital ID bracelets, cord clamp, new baby cards and lots of other little 'memories' to go in, too. It's not only nice to look back on once they are a bit bigger, but also lovely to share with them when they are older!/p>

You can chat to other mums on Bounty.com in the community.  

Don't forget to start preparing for your free, in hospital portrait session.

Your first cuddle. Their first yawn. Bounty Portrait has been photographing new baby arrivals for over 20 years, all from the comfort of your hospital bed.

Look our for your Bounty photographer to take advantage of:

- a free photoshoot

-a free announcement service

- a free portrait gift

To get the most out of your portrait session and a variety of images, don't forget to pack the following:

sleeping baby in grey

Special Blanket

A soft cuddly blanket makes the perfect setting for those special photos, it can add texture and colour to your portraits

pink blanket image


Remember that special outfit for dressing up your precious new arrival

cuddling teddy

Cuddly Toy

A cuddly teddy to accompany your little one is bound to make everyone's heart melt

If you can, take a little time out for you before your due date to do some things and plan some treats that may not be possible again for some time.

Whatever it is that gives you ‘me’ time, do it now, even if it’s not that wild or indulgent. Grab your lounging gear, some popcorn, boot up the Netflix and pull the curtains firmly closed. Or if it’s your close friends that are the best tonic, get them round for cakes and a pedicure session. You might even be able to do your own toes soon!

If this is not your first child you may be wondering how your older child/children will cope with the new arrival. 

It’s worth taking a little time to plan how are going to introduce older siblings to the new baby as depending on ages, reactions can be met with a dazzling range of emotions; from pure joy to indifference, to jealousy! Step into their shoes for a second, especially if they’re an only child. The arrival of the new baby brings changes to the time they get to spend with mum and dad and alterations to their daily routine all of which can - understandably - be quite a lot to take in!  

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At a glance

  • Your baby is waiting for your contractions to start so they can finally meet you
  • Get lots of rest in the last few days before baby arrives
  • Try some natural ways to bring on labour if you are getting bored of waiting

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