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6 weeks pregnant

What to expect this week

What's happening this week

6 weeks pregnant

Six weeks in and the changes in your growing baby (and your body) continue big time.

At a glance

  • Your baby's heart is the size of a tiny poppy seed
  • All your baby's other vital organs are now in place too
  • Now is the time to really watch your diet

How big is my baby at six weeks?

If you can imagine a tiny poppy seed, that’s the size of your growing baby's heart now. Their heart is also changing from being a simple, single tube to a complex four chamber organ which will pump blood around their body. How amazing! All your baby's other vital organs – the kidneys, lungs and liver – are now in place too, but they still have a lot of developing left to do. The little buds which will eventually become their arms and legs are also starting to develop.

You at six weeks pregnant

You might be feeling a touch 'hormonal' by week six, and your morning sickness, tiredness and general feelings of exhaustion might have really kicked in due to those pesky hormones, particularly Beta hCG. Beta HCG is "the pregnancy hormone" that is produced by the cells of the implanting embryo, hCG reaches a peak level at about 8 to 10 weeks and then declines for the remainder of the pregnancy. It is thought that nausea can also be due to a lack of vitamin B6 too, however you should talk to your doctor before taking any supplements.

Now is the time to really watch your diet – not only to give you nutritious, energy giving foods, but also to make sure you are avoiding anything that could be harmful to your baby. Check out our diet and health in pregnancy pages for ideas for healthy meals and which foods to avoid at this stage.

Getting lots of fresh air will also be of huge benefit to you and your baby as your pregnancy progresses – our bodies can only produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, so try and get out and about in the sun as much as possible.

Oh, and there's just over seven months left to go!

What to think about in week six

You might be giving off a few signs of pregnancy to other people now, particularly if you are steering clear of the office coffee machine and its overwhelming aromas, or making lots of visits to the bathroom if you are feeling sick or needing to wee a lot (or just for some breathing space if you are feeling mega tired!). Most women wait for their dating scan to share their good news with their friends and colleagues, so you might have to keep up an 'upset tummy' or 'ate something dodgy' line for a while! Could be time to think about how you'll make your exciting announcement though – sharing your scan pic on social media, or just spreading the word via good old fashioned face to face communication?

As well as trying to keep your pregnancy news under wraps, you may well be starting to fret about your diet and how best to stick to a healthy diet in your pregnancy.
That well known phrase, ‘eating for two’ may even have crossed your mind. But don’t be taken in by this old wives’ tale. It is not advised to 'eat for two' in pregnancy, or at the opposite scale, to cut calories. It is only towards the end of your pregnancy that extra calories come into play but even then the extra is only 200 extra calories - equivalent to an extra slice of toast and spread!

Expert advice is to avoid alcohol, but it may pop into your mind at times as you are getting used to the fact it is off the menu for a while to come. 

If a special occasion arises and you wonder if a one glass would really hurt, it is worth baring in mind that guidelines from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists say that there should not be any alcohol consumption during the first trimester while thereafter one or two units a week after are considered a 'safe amount'.

It’s also wise to consider cutting down on caffeine and giving decaffeinated drinks a go.

Thinking about your finances?

It’s natural to turn your attention to your finances soon after the excitement of discovering that you’re pregnant. Now is a good time to check what you’re spending and for some couples, it may be the first time you have had to seriously talk about money. Take a look at the money you have coming in now (remembering that income drops when you are on maternity leave) and your outgoings. Think about whether there is anything you can cut back on. Are there subscriptions you could cancel, or spending habits you could break?

An online budget tool will help. It may also be sensible doing two budgets – one for now, and one for when you are on maternity leave to allow for drops in income and additional expenses.

Budget Planner

At a glance

  • Your baby's heart is the size of a tiny poppy seed
  • All your baby's other vital organs are now in place too
  • Now is the time to really watch your diet
Getting lots of fresh air will also be of huge benefit to you and your baby

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