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How you’ll know if breastfeeding is going well

The signs to look out for if breastfeeding is going well

Breastfeeding going well: here’s how you’ll know

Reasons that may let you know breastfeeding is going well

Signs breastfeeding not going well

Signs that it’s going well

You’ll soon learn how it feels when your baby is breastfeeding well. In the early days be guided by what you can see, feel and hear.

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You should see:

Your baby happily feeding, not fidgeting around
Their mouth wide open, with the bottom lip turned out
Rounded and plump cheeks
Some of the areola (the brown area) showing above their top lip
Your baby making quick sucks followed by longer, deeper sucks.

You should feel:

Comfortable and relaxed
No pain in your breast.

You should hear:

Sounds of milk being swallowed
A change from small, quick gulps to longer, deeper swallows.

You should also notice:

That your baby has six to eight wet nappies a day and at least one yellowish poo or more a day
Your baby gaining weight (after the first two weeks).

Signs that your baby is not attached properly

X You see pinched-in lips or their cheeks being sucked in
X You hear clicking noises or lip smacking
X You feel pain in your breast throughout the feed. If this is the case, take them off the breast by sliding your finger between their lips and your skin, and try again.

How you’ll know if breastfeeding is going well