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Laid back breastfeeding

Also called biological nurturing, it is a mother-centred approach that focuses on positions that are intuitive to your baby’s reflexes.

The benefits of laid back breastfeeding

It utilises your baby's natural instinct to move towards a food source by using certain positions when feeding.

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Laid back breastfeeding utilises your baby's natural instinct to move towards a food source by using certain positions when feeding. This helps the baby but it can also be helpful for mum, as you should be more comfortable, and puts less pressure on you, as your baby will take the lead to get their food from you. 

The benefits of laid back breastfeeding are that it can be more effective if you’re sore from childbirth, have had a sore wound from a caesarean or if you have shoulder or back pain. Some people say that this technique can also help reduce nipple pain.  

How do you laid back breastfeed?

To do this you first need to lean back in bed or on a sofa/chair so that you feel comfortable. Then you should lay your baby down either with their feet between your legs, or with the baby across your body and shoulders. Essentially, if you imagine your nipple as the centre of a dial of a clock you can see how it can be approached from any direction just make sure your baby has enough support and so do you. If you have a caesarean birth then place your baby across your shoulder to feed so their feet won’t hurt you or your wound.

Whichever position you choose ensure that your baby’s thighs, and tops of the soles of the feet are in contact with you. You are therefore supporting your baby and you should get a pillow to support your body, especially your neck, back, arms and legs should feel supported.You should feel as though you are resting on the bony part at the back of your pelvis, otherwise known as your sacrum. You shouldn’t need to apply pressure to your baby’s back or neck to keep your baby in place, gravity should do this for you and you should have one or both of your hands free.

As your baby finds your breast you may find that they push with their feet or wriggle up towards you as they use their senses to find your nipple. Once he finds your breast he will latch on and the sucking reflex will kick in.

This technique of breastfeeding can be started as soon as you want, people often start straight from birth.  You may find straight after birth you’re lying together skin to skin so it could be an opportunity. 

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Laid back breastfeeding