Choosing the right nappy for your baby

Things to think about when choosing the right nappy for your little one

Choosing the right nappy for your baby

Things to think about when choosing the right nappy for your little one

There are so many things to think about when it comes to what you need to buy for your new baby from pushchairs to cots and car seats, but it’s also important to think about the smaller things your little one needs, like nappies.

Although not on the ‘big ticket’ shopping list of things to buy for your little one, nappies are an essential and newborn babies can go through a staggering 12 nappy changes a day!

Finding the right nappy is important to ensure your little one is comfortable and as dry as possible as they will wear a nappy for the majority of their first two years.

Things to consider when choosing a nappy

Pick the right size
Size is everything with a nappy, after all, if the fit is too tight your little one will be uncomfortable and the straps may redden their delicate skin, but if the fit is too loose, you’ll have gaps and the content of the nappy will go everywhere. 

The Lupilu nappy range from our friends at Lidl comes in a range of 6 sizes to suit every bottom. Given that the average baby goes through over four thousand nappies before potty training, you can trust Lupilu to make light work of keeping your baby in good quality nappies, that stay dry for 8+ hours and maintain a flexible fit, both simple and cost-effective.  

To provide a better ergonomic fit, we also love that Lupilu are the only own brand nappy to boast ultra-absorbent Magical Air Tubes®. These tubes also help to evenly distribute wetness to give your baby optimum dryness.  

Lupilu nappy features

Plus, Lupilu Size 1 and 2 newborn nappies even have a handy wetness indicator which changes colour showing when the nappy needs changing - and for added comfort a gentle navel recess and all for only 79p. So, it really is no surprise to us that they’ve won over so many parents - and an award or two to boot!

Take a look below at this handy size guide from Lidl for their Lupilu nappies.

Lidl Nappy sizes 474

Don’t bulk buy
It may seem like a great idea to stock up when your favourite brand of nappy is on offer, but remember, babies grow fast and may not be in the same size nappy for very long. At Lidl there’s no need to bulk buy or wait for an offer as the prices are always low – and with their nappies priced impressively less than some leading brands.

Choose based on your baby’s needs
If your baby’s skin is particularly sensitive for example, make sure you choose a nappy that has special absorption features to make sure your baby is as dry as possible at all times - like the Lupilu range which evenly distributes wetness thanks to those ultra-absorbent Magical Air Tubes®! 

Consider price
Getting the right nappy for your little one is priority, but price is a consideration too, particularly as you will be buying so many thousands before you and your baby even begin to consider potty training! With prices starting from 79p per pack of 24 nappies, you may just find that the Lupilu range offers the perfect nappy with all the features you want at a better price. 

Why choose Lidl’s Lupilu nappy range?

  • It is the only own brand nappy with ultra-absorbent Magical Air Tubes® which help evenly distribute wetness to give your baby optimum dryness and the best organic fit 
  • Dryness protection for 8+ hours 
  • Velvety-soft and breathable for comfort
  • Great quality, great value for money
  • Cost effective – with up to 12 nappy changes a day, they won’t break the bank with nappy packs starting from 79p per pack (24 nappies)
 Lidl Nappy Pack shot 474

Choosing the right nappy for your baby