Why we love these Lidl weaning recipes

Favourite recipes to enjoy with weaning little ones and together with the family

Why we love these Lidl weaning recipes

Favourite weaning recipes should be about fun, taste and colour as well as good nutrition

The world of weaning in a baby’s first year should be about fun, taste and colour as well as good nutrition. Right now, more than ever families across the nation are also finding that good food offers a sense of stress relief and joy too. 

With trips to the supermarket more scattered, people are being inventive and creative as well as making good use of leftovers and avoiding waste. Many parents are finding solace in preparing and sharing food together with all the family. Lots are discovering hidden talents and finding that they’ve never had the time to cook quite so much. 

Yet, others are quite understandably finding the opposite and have almost no time for cooking during lockdown. Time to prepare meals can be especially challenging when weaning and trying to cook and prepare foods to introduce new flavour and textures to little ones as well as keeping the rest of the family happy a real challenge. 

So, as homes continue to hunker down and a sense of affordability also carries on people’s minds, low price supermarket, Lidl are doing a great job meeting family needs with good quality. The Lidl recipe team are also on top form serving up these simple and familiar, easy weaning snack and supper ideas which can be made in minutes. We love that the tasty recipes for little ones can also be enjoyed together with the wider family too - becoming firm favourites that create comforting reminders and fond memories. 

You could give these super-easy suppers and scrummy sweet and savoury snacks a try with your little ones. Their familiar favour combinations are often found in soups and simple comfort foods which is what makes them both a nourishing for weaning little ones and absolute crowd favourites.

Try these weaning recipes:

Cheese broccoli pastaCheese & broccoli pasta (suitable 7-9 months onwards) Sweet potato toastsSweet potato toasts (suitable 7-9 months onwards) Pizza pinwheelsPizza pinwheels (suitable 10-12 months onwards) Fruity muffinsFruity muffins (suitable 10-12 months onwards)

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Why we love these Lidl weaning recipes