Healthy snacks for toddlers

Discover Lidl’s Oakland Fun sized. Make healthy eating fun!

Healthy snacks for toddlers

Discover Lidl’s Oakland Fun sized. Make healthy eating fun!

We’ve got to hand it to Lidl. Their Oaklands Fun Size range is brilliantly designed for children, with lots of colourful fruit and vegetable characters on the packaging which can’t help but make healthy eating and toddler snacking appealing and fun.

All the products in the Oaklands Fun Size range are miniature variations of ordinary fruit and vegetables which parents can use as a creative way to encourage children to eat and snack healthily.

There’s lots to choose from including different coloured Oaklands Tawny Tomatowls snacking tomatoes and colourful Fun Size Unicorn Carrots, bitesize Broccoli Trees, Cauliflower Clouds and small-sized Sweet Potato Piggies. 

Our favourites include Oaklands Fun Size Snacking peppers – deliciously sweet, mini and perfect for little mouths to munch on. 

Plus, you can share a giggle over the quirkily named Oakland Fun Size Celery “Storks”, as well tiny “Cucumbear” snacking cucumbers and “Radfishes” – a simply genius take on making radishes charming! 

Whilst with Oakland fun size pears, apples, easy peelers and bananas you can grow your stock of fruits to offer your little one without worry of them wasting larger sized fruits.

Be Prepared
Parents are always trying to think of healthy snack ideas to give, yet snacking on fruits and vegetables is the best health habit you can teach your children.  So, having simple healthy foods prepped and available to snack on is probably one of the most helpful tips. 
With Oaklands Fun Size range you can get ahead of the game and have go-to healthy snack food that little ones will eat because you have them on hand and they don’t have to wait. You can also peel and chop a selection of veggies, halve grapes, hull strawberries and have some boiled eggs at the ready.

Be Creative
Lidl also has a great range of playful and creative recipes that use the Oaklands Fun Size range including:

Unicorn Carrot mash
Lidl healthy snacks Unicorn Mash 474
This magical vegetable side dish makes playful use of the different coloured Oaklands Fun Size Unicorn Carrots by layering the different coloured mash together as a nod to popular 'unicorn' desserts. Serve alongside a main meal or even in place of mashed potato for an extra veggie hit.

Stuffed sweet potato piggies
Lidl healthy snacks sweet potato 474
A healthy loaded potato skins recipe with a difference! Playing on the name of the Oaklands Fun Size Sweet Potato Piggies, these mini sweet potatoes are filled with a lightly spiced fajita vegetable mix and garnished with extra veg to look like pigs. 

Oaklands Range

Say hello to cute fruit and veg characters and make healthy eating fun by discovering the latest Oakland Fun Size fruit and veg range today.

Healthy snacks for toddlers