Lidl loves Look, Say, Sing, Play from NSPCC

Tips to make the most out of everyday interactions to help build baby’s brain

Lidl loves Look, Say, Sing, Play from NSPCC

Tips to make the most out of everyday interactions to help build baby’s brain

Our friends at Lidl proudly support the NSPCC who have an initiative to help parents understand how they can build their baby’s brain right from birth, called Look Say Sing Play.

Lidl are sharing their commitment to the campaign that encourages parents to support their babies' brain development. These NSPCC tips are easy and fun to do with your little one – and which change everyday moments into brain-developing ones. It’s a great way to have fun while making your bond even stronger.

Just remember to Look, Say, Sing, Play
Right from birth, every time you talk, sing or play with your baby, whether it’s bathtime, bedtime or you’re washing up, playing with your baby, using silly voices or even singing, the NSPCC initiative aims to remind us that as well as bonding, you are helping your baby's brain to develop.

Look, Say, Sing, Play videos and tips are all easy and fun to do with little ones under the age of two. You don’t need anything new; the brain building tips are all about the fun you can have with what you have around the house. We think you’ll agree that it’s easy to see why Lidl want to play their part by helping champion this great campaign from the NSPCC. These tips you can easily try at home: 

Here are some easy tips to try

Make different sounds
Give your child safe everyday items that make noise to explore sounds. You can give them different objects, like pieces of cereal in a coffee tin with the lid taped closed or pots to bang with a wooden spoon. Comment on what they're doing, like, “Shake that tin fast!” Join in and move to the beat together!

Sound sensor tip:
Play with your child by using your voice and/or household items that make a sound. Bang a pan or hum as you move around the house and change locations. Watch them move their head to follow the sound. Smile and talk with them when they figure out where the sound is coming from.

How does brain-building work?
During your child’s earliest years, their brain makes 1 million neural connections every single second. Positive, supportive experiences with parents and other adults are important to their brain development. 

But it’s not just about singing or talking to your baby. Brain building happens when you and your little one interact with each other. It’s about taking a cue from them and reacting to what they’re doing.  You could think of it like a game of tennis - going back and forth between the two of you.

Fancy seeing some Look, Say, Sing, Play in action? Watch the NSPCC’s fantastic parents online on their exciting new YouTube channel and let them show you exactly how they do Look Say Sing Play tips with their baby. See Samantha and Oscar have some fun with a pan while Mikah and Hasariah shake it with pepper! 

Watch now and try out the same tips in the video.

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Lidl loves Look, Say, Sing, Play from NSPCC