Your baby changing bag essentials

Here’s a handy list of some of the essentials you’ll want to include in your changing bag

Your baby changing bag essentials

Here’s a handy list of some of the essentials you’ll want to include in your changing bag

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Going out and about with your baby involves a lot of stuff and the one thing you really don’t want to be without is your changing bag. Your baby changing bag will replace any favourite handbag you once wouldn’t leave the house without. 

Your changing bag should be packed ready to roll with every eventuality your little one may need when away from home. Thanks to our friends at Lidl and the award-winning Lupilu baby range, instead of your handbag, your new best friend will be a changing bag packed full of their great quality essentials that you simply won’t want to leave the house without.

Here’s a guide to your changing bag essential items:

Plenty of spare nappies
Never underestimate how many nappy changes you may have to do when you're away from home, even if you’re only popping out for an hour or two. Make sure you always have a good stash of spare nappies in your changing bag.

We love the Lidl Lupilu nappy range which comes in sizes 1-6 and promises 12 hours of dryness while allowing your baby’s skin to breathe. What’s more they are the only own brand nappy to boast ultra-absorbent Magical Air Tubes®. To give your baby optimum dryness, the tubes help to evenly distribute wetness and provide a better ergonomic fit. Plus, Lupilu Size 1 and 2 newborn nappies even have a handy wetness indicator which changes colour showing when the nappy needs changing - and a gentle navel recess for added comfort. At only 79p a pack you can make sure you’ve always got stacks of these on hand when you’re out and about – and when those unexpected nappy changes strike!  

Changing mat

An important addition for any baby changing bag to ensure you have somewhere to do those regular nappy changes when out and about. There are lightweight, foldable, compact travel changing mats that fit snugly and quite often when you buy a changing bag, they come with a travel mat included.

No doubt one of the most essential everyday items for any parent, in fact, you’ll probably have a packet of wipes nearby until your little one is about 10! Whether it's feeding time for your baby, or nappy change time, wipes are a must for keeping your little one clean and fresh. Also handy for wiping surfaces when out and about.
Lidl’s new biodegradable wipes are kind to your baby’s skin and to the planet. They are 99.1% water, 100% biodegradable wipes and come in 100% recyclable packaging. They are extra sensitive, and fragrance free.

Nappy sacks
Disposable nappy sacks are the best way to cleanly get rid of used nappies into a bin wherever you are so a must in any changing bag.
Lidl’s nappy sacks are 85p for 150 so well worth keeping a pack in your changing bag.

Nappy rash cream
Nappy rash can appear at any time so having a little pot of nappy cream in your changing bag means you can apply whenever needed. We love that you can pick also up the UK’s favourite nappy rash cream, Sudocrem at Lidl stores too!

Muslin squares
Muslin squares are one of the best versatile items for parents and great to grab out of the bag for any sudden mopping up your baby needs. Also handy for catching dribbles during feeding time and a much-needed cover for your shoulder when your baby needs to burp. They can even be used to shield your little one on sunny days and you can use as a discreet cover for breastfeeding if needed.

Spare baby clothes
Accidents happen and never more so then when you have a little one in tow, so one or two spare outfits or babygrows are an essential for your changing bag, and an emergency change of top for you might be an idea too. 

Hand sanitiser
An alcohol-free hand sanitiser will help keep your hands clean when you’re taking care of your baby away from home.

Lidl are big on lots for little ones and Lupilu is proud to offer all the essentials to help you and your baby through the early years

See more about the Lupilu award-winning baby range at Lidl.   

Your baby changing bag essentials