Struggling to stay cool? 6 tips to help babies stay cool and sleep in the heat

The weather is hot, hot, hot but little ones aren’t always keen, here’s some tips to help

Sweltering in the heat? Tips to keep babies cool and help them sleep

The heat is not always welcomed by babies and toddler who find it hard to cool and even harder to sleep, here’s some tips that may help

baby in sunglasses on rubber ring in pool

Ah summer is here….finally! As we bask in the sun while we have it, we also need to make sure our little ones are kept as cool as possible, and cool enough to sleep, no easy task.

It can be a real worry for parents concerned about how their little ones are coping in the heat. Restlessness is a sure fire sign babies and toddlers are  struggling with the heat, so here are some essential tips to help keep them cool.

1. Invest in a room thermometer

Knowing the temperature in your baby’s room will help you gage how much you need to do and what to dress them in.

2.  Dress baby for the weather

Don’t be tempted to overdress your baby in the heat, particularly at night if the room temperature is over 25 degrees your baby will be most comfortable in nappy and thin vest and no sleeping bag. If it isn’t quite that hot, around 20-23 degrees, a short sleeved baby grow or t-shirt pyjamas would be the best and a light 1 tog sleeping bag.

3. The ice trick

Freezing large bottles of water and placing them in your baby’s room can help cool the room overnight as the ice slowly melts. Place them in front of a fan and you’ll get even better results.

4. Keep chilled water handy

Cold water is a good way to cool a baby down so make sure you keep the fridge stocked with bottles of water for when your baby needs rehydrating.

5. A cool bath

A cool bath is another way to keep your little one cool during the hot weather, and is also a good option to cool them if they wake hot in the night and can’t resettle.

6. Keep the room cool in the day

Help keep your baby's room cool all day by closing blinds or curtains to keep the hot sun from beating through the window.

Struggling to stay cool? 6 tips to help babies stay cool and sleep in the heat