Stay at home mums: Recognise this?

If you are a stay at home mum you may recognise the below…

Life as a stay at home mum…

…you only understand if you’ve done it…

5 things…

  • …only stay at home mums will get

Mum hoovering while baby on the floor

Choosing to stay home full time with their children is a natural progression for many mums, for others it can feel like a big wrench and some may not even have a choice. 

But whatever sounds more like you, one thing is for certain, there are many things only stay at home mums understand, here are a few, recognise any of these?

1. Mummy guilt still exists

Just because you’re a stay at home mum doesn’t mean your day is guilt free and mummy guilt isn’t all about mums who go to work. Just because you are there 24-7 doesn’t mean guilt doesn’t creep in. Everyone needs a little me time and a chance to get stuff done, so leaving your little one in front of the TV to do it can make you feel guilty too. Many mums imagine baking regularly with their little ones but the reality is often different. The reality is often barley ever getting round to baking, or painting and making homemade Playdoh you always imagined you would do. 

2. Stay at home mum does not equal domestic goddess

You are a stay at home mum but this does not mean your house is immaculate and organised at all times. Actually you don’t have hours every day to keep ahead of the washing, ironing, prepare fresh healthy meals for the whole week and have dinner on the table when you’re other half gets home, you have a baby to look after and spend quality time with and anything that does get done is a bonus.

3. You don’t miss the morning rush

Whatever your day consists of, and however bad a night’s sleep you may have had, there is something warming about knowing you don’t have to spring up the minute your alarm goes off, rush to get dressed and out the house when it’s still dark to hit the morning traffic and drizzly rain.

4. You may be at home but it’s the toughest job you’ve ever done

Even in the 21st Century, there can be the misconception that stay at home mums have a reasonably easy life. But stay-at-home mums know that whilst you may get to be at home, you most certainly work and work damn hard! Unlike going out to work, there is no lunch break where you can switch off for an hour or get given sandwiches and coffee while sitting in a meeting or take a little wander around the shops. Your day at home is non-stop round meal times, some bonding play, rushing to make it to baby group, before running into the supermarket for those essentials you forgot yesterday to cooking and getting at least few household jobs  done. Where did the day go?

5. You may moan, but you wouldn’t have it any other way

Now you are a stay at home mum, you have become familiar with the hard parts that you hear yourself moan about a fair bit, but those precious little moments when your tot only wants you or just gives you a hug for no real reason at all, makes it all worthwhile.

5 things…

  • …only stay at home mums will get

Stay at home mums: Recognise this?