Gave birth to a huge baby? Read on…

What it’s really like to give birth to a huge baby

Big baby? Things only mums who gave birth to huge babies will understand

If you gave birth to a huge baby you will get this…

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This is one for those mums who have given birth to a ‘big’ baby (And if you’re worried about having a big baby). We’re not talking 8lbs, in fact we’re specifically talking babies weighing over 8lbs 13oz, often referred to as Macroasomia babies.

Today’s babies are being born big and it’s not that uncommon for babies to find themselves in the 98th percentile with the rate of Macroasomia soaring in recent years. When faced with the possibility that you might have an enormous baby these behaviours and feelings is the norm.

1. Showing almost immediately
Mums who’ve given birth to big babies often remember early on in their pregnancy a rather noticeable bump way before the books tell you you’re likely to start showing. And when you do announce your pregnancy you find that people had already guessed.

2. ‘Are you having just the one?’
A quip you will have gotten used to from your midwife or consultant every time you have an appointment and they realise you’re not as far gone as you look.

3. Home births/birthing centre not an option
The discussion about considering a home birth or giving birth in a birthing centre apparently doesn’t apply to you as your midwife reminds you that you are having a ‘big’ baby.

4. Begging for a membrane sweep
As your due date comes and goes, you literally beg your midwife to give you a membrane sweep to get the labour going as surely baby is grown enough now!

5. The labour
If you have given birth to a huge baby, the giving birth part was certainly no walk in the park and something you will never, ever forget. Almost 2 out of every 3 large babies (weighing over 9lb 15oz) are born vaginally. Yet many women who are planning on a vaginal birth delivery have a spanner in the works thrown into their plan. When a condition or concern arises that could be dangerous for mum or baby. Ultimately healthy mum and healthy baby is the goal.

6. The ‘look’ when baby’s weight is announced
As the midwife whisks your baby away to be weighed, that intake of breath you take waiting to hear and the sheer look of shock and wide-eyed amazement on everyone in the room’s face as the 9lbs + weight is officially announced.

7. The ‘double check’ weigh in
Due to the look of shock, you then go through it all again as they pop baby back on the scales for a ‘double check’, yep, baby really is that big and be prepared to repeat your baby’s birth weight more than you’d ever imaged over the coming weeks, months – and years!

Gave birth to a huge baby? Read on…