Should I announce my pregnancy yet?

So you’re pregnant and you want to shout it out from the rooftops....

You’ve barely peed on the stick and you’re already tempted to tell the postie and the pizza delivery man.

You’ve even thought about how you’ll post it on Facebook. But a little nagging voice in your head tells you “no, wait, it’s too soon”.

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Everyone seems to have their own view on this and there’s no right or wrong answer. When you make your pregnancy announcement is a very personal decision and you shouldn’t feel pressured either way.

Reasons why you shouldn’t wait to announce the pregnancy

Need for support: The 12-week stage is bandied around as the optimum time to make your announcement. The risk of miscarriage is reduced after the first trimester so it’s considered safer after this point to make your news public. But for many women, it’s the time leading up to the 12-week stage that they feel they need some key people to know what they are going through. This can also be because if they were to have a miscarriage they want to have as much love and support out there as they will undoubtedly need.

A problem shared: Expecting a baby - particularly the first time round - is a minefield. You may have read about all it but nobody can prepare you for the nausea, tiredness and the whirlwind of emotions that accompany a pregnancy. There are so many questions you have and while the internet offers a wealth of anonymous information, sometimes there’s nothing like sitting down with people you know and trust and sharing with them just how you are feeling.

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Support at work: Many people worry about telling their bosses but if you are feeling tired, sick or just generally all over the place, then it may help to confide in an empathetic boss or colleague. 

Share the pain: Especially if you are feeling ill - and sometimes severe morning sickness kicks in very early in your pregnancy - then you may feel the need to illicit some empathy and understanding - and why not? There’s nothing worse than feeling dreadful and not being able to tell anyone!

Need for truth: It can be tough if you’re asked on a night out and you are unable to say why you’re not knocking back the gin and tonics. You can lie and say you’re on antibiotics or pretend you wanted to drive but then secrets are tough to keep - and sometimes you know you’re ready to announce your pregnancy.

Should I announce my pregnancy yet?