The reality of dressing a newborn

There are some tricky aspects you may come across

Six realities to dressing a newborn

How many do you recognise?

The art of…

  • …dressing a newborn

Dressing a newborn

So you’ve gone through your pregnancy, given birth, and now it’s time to take your little one home. You will probably be filled with a mix of excitement, in trepidation as well as a little bit of anxiety of everything that faces you.

Dressing your newborn, may seem like a straightforward enough task, but can be a tricky process.

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If you’ve dressed or undressed a newborn you may well recognise some of these…

1. The popper sagas

Who came up with the idea of that many poppers on one newborn baby gro? You need a maths degree to work them out and it doesn’t matter how much attention you spend doing them up, you’ll more often than not miss one!

2. Little arms in sleeves

This can be a little tricky. Manoeuvring their tiny arms and hands into a sleeve is no easy task. Trying to get their arm in the sleeve without bending back any teeny tiny fingers could have you breaking out in a sweat. Just remember though, we all go through it!

3. The wriggles

We all know babies wriggle and never more so then when you lay them on a changing mat. And when their legs are flying about as you try and get them into the baby gro be grateful and remember the next baby stage is ‘escaping’ and you’ll have to chase them around the room to get them dressed so this should be a breeze.

4. Forget scratch mits

A great idea to stop your newborn scratching their own face with their nails, slight problem though, the mits will be knocked off seconds after your put them on….every time!

5. Special outfits

You may spend ages getting your baby into the cutest outfit, a gorgeous dress, perhaps with a cute top underneath and matching tights. One thing’s for sure though, the minute you’ll finish, your baby will either throw up all over the outfit or have one of those leaky nappy episodes, typical!

6. Outfit changes world record

Whether it’s the nasty nappy, sickness or milk spillage, or simply nappy change time, you may spend a fair amount of your day dressing and undressing your baby so you will get pretty good at it in no time!

The art of…

  • …dressing a newborn

The reality of dressing a newborn