10 truths mums with newborns are guilty of

If you’ve had a newborn, you will relate to the below

10 things mums will relate to about their newborn

Life with a newborn, who can relate to the below?

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  • …new mums are guilty of

Mum with her newborn

Having a new baby brings a whole host of challenges and experiences, some good some tough but all worth it.

Convincing the world you are totally in control and know exactly what you are doing at all times will come as second nature soon enough, even if at times you wonder how you will ever get back to some sort of normality ever again!

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Here is our 10 things every single one of you will be guilty of doing with your new baby.

1. The look alike game

From the day your baby arrives, you look at him intently and swear to everyone he is the spitting image of a family member even though your newborn has barely even opened his eyes and it is simply way too early to see family resemblances.

2. The fear of the soft spot

Particularly when bathing your newborn, you freak at even a finger going near that delicate soft spot at the top of baby’s head.

3. Wanting to scream every time someone asks you how much sleep you’re getting

What a stupid question, obviously it’s not a lot when you have a newborn and being reminded how little sleep you are getting DOES NOT help!

4. The cuteness contest

When around other parents with newborns, you can’t help thinking to yourself, “My baby is the cutest by far, bet these other mums secretly think the same.” Actually, they are probably thinking exactly the same about their baby!

5. Parenting judgement

You always swore you would never be one of those mums who judges others parenting but you find yourself secretly rolling your eyes thinking, “hmmm, not sure I’d do it like that!”

6. The baby excuse

It becomes really easy to blame anything you haven’t done on the baby. I was going to take the rubbish out but the baby was asleep on me….or sorry I couldn’t reply to your text, I was feeding the baby (when actually you were about to beat level 246 on Candy Crush!)

7. Gushing over your baby’s personality

You find yourself thinking what a funny, unique personality your baby has for one so young. The reality is he’s just rather windy!

8. Annoying all on Facebook

You used to be the first one to be moaning about the one who posts endless pictures of her kids eating, or sleeping, or just sitting and now you find yourself desperate to get the next one of your little angel on, is it too soon to post five minutes after your last post?

9. The germ panic

You literally freak out and cover your baby under your arm if anyone in public dares to sneeze or cough near your precious little bundle….aaaggghhh the germs!

10. catch yourself staring

We're all guilty of just staring at our newborn from time to time, probably wondering how we created such a beautiful baby.

At a glance

  • …new mums are guilty of

10 truths mums with newborns are guilty of