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Has Easter become the new Christmas?

Parents paying out hundreds of pounds on Easter gifts and decorations

Easter becoming the new Christmas?

With gifts, cards and decorations everywhere, it would appear so

Is Easter the new Christmas?

  • Are Easter gifts and decorations a new trend?

Baby in Easter outfit

Easter is one of the most religious holidays in the Christian calendar but for many can be associated with a couple of days off work, too much chocolate and Sunday lunch with the family. For some families now Easter is starting to resemble Christmas with expensive gifts and over the top decorations.

Whatever happened to an Easter egg as a little gift to celebrate? It appears parents are going all out with gifts from bikes to video games and decorations that would put many Christmas trees to shame.

Easter today warrants its own holiday card with Happy Easter cards all over the card shops even with personalised for your daughter, son, mum or dad etc.

A quick browse around some online retailers will give you the lowdown on what’s out there labelled ‘Easter gifts’ from chocolate hens at £35 a go to £18 babygros with an Easter theme. The retailers also have sections dedicated to Easter decorations with an Easter themed wreath for £20, or perhaps you might be looking for that essential straw rabbit for £10.

When did Easter become the new Christmas? 

As parents, haven’t we enough cost with children’s birthdays and Christmas every year? What will be next, decorating our homes with love hearts and buying Valentine’s gifts for all the family?

Is Easter the new Christmas?

  • Are Easter gifts and decorations a new trend?

Has Easter become the new Christmas?