Parents guide to New Year’s Eve celebrations

How to celebrate now you’re a parent

How to celebrate the New Year: A parents’ guide

You can still celebrate the New Year now you’re a parent, here’s how

New Year celebrations with kids

  • How to celebrate as a parent

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Let’s face it, New Year’s Eve takes on a different meaning when you have kids. Your big night out welcoming in the New Year has gone, for a good few years anyway. Even if you wanted to get a babysitter it’s virtually impossible and if you do manage it you will need to part with a lot of cash, and that’s before you’ve attempted to sort cabs and actually pay for your night out. Besides, it’s nice to bring in the New Year with the family, it doesn’t have to be dull, we’ve got some great ideas to make New Year special for the whole family.

1. Make New Year’s Eve day your celebration

Who says the celebrations have to start late? Why not celebrate early and invite some of your friends with children around in the day and have an early celebration or you could meet them all at your favourite family pub for an afternoon celebration with all the kids. You don’t have to worry about babysitters or the kids getting too tired, bring in the New Year a little early, after all, it will be 2016 in some parts of the world by then anyway.

2. Date night in the comfort of your own home

A cosy date night in may just be what the doctor ordered and who better to celebrate the New Year in with than your other half. So even if you know the kids will be long in bed by the time New Year comes, surround yourselves with a bucket load of your favourite treats, curl up on the sofa and have a special New Year moment together.

3. A New Year’s Eve adventure

If you are determined to share the magic of New Year with the whole family, why not pack the kids up in the car and go for a little New Year’s Eve adventure. All snuggled in PJs, onesies and blankets, get the kids in the car and take a little drive round your neighbourhood to see all the neighbours  Christmas lights and when the ball drops for midnight, pull over somewhere, snuggle all together and watch the sky fill with fireworks to welcome in 2016.

4. Celebrate on New Year’s Day

Why not make the first day of 2016 your celebration? Rather than celebrate at midnight, invite family and friends for a New Year’s brunch or afternoon cocktails, and make the most of New Year’s Day (beats having a day long hangover!)

5. Determined to party? Bring the party to you

If you really want to celebrate the night with friends, simply invite your friends over to party.  Make it an easy option for them, let their kids crash with yours.  Or a handy trick for the young kids (if they can’t tell the time yet) celebrate new year with them at around 8pm, let them have party poppers  and sing Auld Lang Syne.  Then party on when they’ve gone to bed!

New Year celebrations with kids

  • How to celebrate as a parent

Parents guide to New Year’s Eve celebrations