Your guide to Christening outfits: gowns, suits & dresses

Our ultimate outfit guide to ensure your baby looks their best

Christening outfits: gowns, suits & dresses

The Christening of your child is a really special occasion, not only will your baby be baptised into the Christian Faith, but it’s a great way to get the whole family together to celebrate the birth of your new arrival. Preparations can be stressful however so we’ve picked out our top Christening outfits to give you inspiration on what your baby should wear.


Traditional christening gowns

Traditional christening gown

Traditional for a baby at a Christening is a long white or cream gown, which is regaining popularity after the christenings of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. If your family are Christians they might have a gown passed down through the generations that your child could wear to make the day even more special. 

If your family doesn't have a gown and you have some time, it’s worth trawling through local antique or vintage clothing stores to find an authentic outfit. This can however be a bit hit and miss, so if you’re strapped for time you can search online or in large department stores for traditional gowns with a modern feel.

Christening suit for a boy

Christening suit for a boy

You may think that the traditional outfits are a little old-school and want a more modern twist for your baby’s Christening, especially if you’ve got a baby boy. Often parents dress their children in cute suits on their Christening day as it’s a very smart look without being a traditional gown. If you’re going for a suit we recommend light colours, whites and beiges, and even the addition of a little bow tie. We can absolutely guarantee a flood of family member’s cooing over how cute he looks.

Romper suit for a boy

Romper suit for a boy

If you think a gown is too traditional and a suit too formal, a smart romper suit for your baby boy could be the best option especially if they are quite young. These suits will look best in a beautiful linen or silk, and we really like cute blue embroidery on the outfit featured, instead of keeping the suit traditionally all white. These suits will keep your baby comfortable all day whilst also ensuring they look smart for their special day.

Christening dress for a girl 

Christening dress for girl

If you want your baby girl to wear a dress at their Christening, a good option is to go for a modern twist on the more traditional Christening gown. A white dress with some lace or embroidery on it will make your daughter look beautiful and extra special on her Christening day. Pair with delicate white shoes to complete the look, and if you do want to go for a more traditional style invest in a matching bonnet.

Your guide to Christening outfits: gowns, suits & dresses