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Quick parenting fixes you will swear by

Never will you go to the toilet again to find all the loo roll gone!

Parenting cheats

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Toddler in a cardboard box

Keeping our creative kids amused for the whole day is no easy task, and sometimes we just need a break and some easy tricks to get through the day…we have some ideas!

If you’re sick of the kids using every scrap or toilet paper every time they use the toilet, or you need enough time to drink a cup of tea while it’s still hot, here are some great suggestions, cheats if you will, to help you find some clever little tricks to help…

1. Stop kids getting stuck in the toilet

Why not tie an old kids sock to the outside door handle, even if the little ones try to lock the door, they won’t even be able to shut it properly.

2. Need your kids to drink something healthy?

Simply pour the drink into a glass, add a fancy straw and shale some sprinkles on the top, they’ll drink it.

3. Need to keep a toddler in one place for a short while?

Get a big cardboard box they can actually sit in (we know little ones love a box!) and give them some colouring pens to draw on the inside of the box. Not only will it keep them entertained in one place for a while, it will also stop them drawing on walls, floors etc…result!

4. Sick of going to the toilet and finding no toilet paper left?

Put a marker on the wall under where the toilet roll hangs down that says: ‘Do not pass this point’ to give a fun reminder not to use all of it, may even save you a massive plumbing bill from a blocked toilet.

5. Get some help keeping the floor clean

If you mark a spot or a square on the floor, you can tell your toddler this is a fun game and they have to use the broom to bring all the bits from the floor to this one spot to win! Cheeky, but great!

6. Keep kids safe as you get out the car

This is brilliant. Get a sticker for the outside of the car, a nice one would be a round shape that has a space in it the right size for a child’s hand. Stick it at the side of the car, and explain to your child that when they get out of the car while you are still getting out, this is where their hand needs to be to stop them running off while you get what you need out or in the car.

Parenting cheats

  • Worth knowing

Parenting quick fixes